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Saturday, May 7, 2011

[8/5/2011] Invest in Reading, that's why i love Nerds! =P

Yeap, I love Nerds. That's why when someone asked me, so what's after 2nd year, i just said " i wanna be a Nerd".  Yes i wanna be a Nerd,  Then everyone was like, "you sure you can even be for a day?" ok perhaps the definition went wrong teehee! I meant, really spend more time on reading. At most point of conversation (yes i love to talk about on going issues stuffs) i realize often i lack of precedence studies to refer to, or the fact is really limited. back to the basic, we call it general Knowledge.

I went Borders, picked up the book i always wanted to buy, LKY's latest, " Hard Truths to keep Singapore Going" , fyi three years ago i read his "From third world to first world". Talking about a rising point of Singapore, i am curious to know the saturation point now though we have assumptions judged on observations. 

But well apparently Hammie Lim doesn't love to read. And i lazy to throw him one raisin at a time, so i just throw him into the whole container itself. 

So yeap, it was on the front shelf of the bookstore. Elections today, midnight already and no official result being announced yet.

Another one i would want to read too. I just realized how much i don't know about LimKokWing after flipping through in a blink. I always thought LKW is being embed in the branding of its university, but apparently LKW has done much more works and the best thing is that he could be a good local icon. Which rarely i find youths really interested into local examples instead of celebrities in God knows where..

And well, i don't know much about this, but the title strikes. 
 Sounds pretty much like Google actually with the Caption. 

So yea actually i said i have many things to bring back KL, one of the many boxes is all the books i have read. Please not about my academic books, i never really invest into those notes, waste of time. But yea this whole container. 

Never really have time to read them, yes they are all part of the TO READ list, OR, i just pick up the interesting sub chapters after viewing the content, well that's the casual way i would do to buy a book.

So yea 4 months. Time to read more? By this time if i could have really all these books read and store in my mind, i can really go and deliver any talk about Green CSR, Human Evolution History, Company branding, Architecture, Penang and Singapore Economics, Leadership.. and well basically that's what i read!

So what do you read =) 

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