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Monday, April 11, 2011

9/4/2011 It's about PKA, It's about Christian Fellowship.

I thought of posting this few days before already but just too busy. Remembering few days ago Farewell Night, when the floor is opened for any sharing? I wanted to always share but i thought it's time to let the final years to share. And now i thought at least i could share here. It's basically about my story with PKA aka CF or something i wish i can share with you all. 

I started thinking about it after a few events, when some people ask me who are my true friends. True enough some of you might know me as someone mixing with people everywhere or vice versa, and people ask, so who is your best friend?  what i could say again is still most of them are from PKA. Truth is that i am not really close to anyone of you, i don't know about definitions of best friends as everyone has different one, but if it's defined by someone that i can go to when there is a problem, then that person gotta be from PKA. There's always this trust feeling that you could just go with it and find anyone out from PKA and talk about it. (I hope that applies to everyone else) 

I never see PKA as an activity or a club or whatever. And the first time i thought about this was when Daniel Chong talked to me in his room, remembering it during my 2nd Semester. Think he was worried about my activities that time and afraid i will be out of the touch from PKA or something like that, and i remember telling him not to worry, (yes skipping church is worrying though) but i just said that i felt God placed me in a different area. I thank him personally for that approach by the way, thanks bro. 

And then around one year after that, now, i see how God has used me in other areas. I just want to share about how significant PKA, i admit i skip BEs, not really been the expected good ACGL.. or anything with that. But Christian Fellowships are deeply rooted in the word of God. Do you know, everytime when there's like a CG, there's an undefined feeling of Joy for us? I don't know about you but that's what i felt. It's not really only by the studying of the word of God, but many can just share out their problems in the group naturally and i am glad many in the CG did. 

Everytime when it's PKA it's the time of happiness. Here i think i emphasized the Gather part out of the 3Gs. Because personally think Gather is the first out of the 3Gs to bring all together. True enough we cannot put churches and compare with churches involvements cause both serve differently and priority is still church. But in here i learnt that Gather, or fellowship has been the essence of PKA keeping each other strong and i believe all the other CFs too. 

And i would say, flashing back to few years ago, 2004. Fellowship is something i treasure.

CrossRoad camp 2004. CF  has been a life changing one for me since highschool, anyone who knows CFs movement in the klang valley with SCF backing up with annual meet in MBS KL will experience how is it like already with some huge churches in KL having active christian youth movements. I had my experience of fellowship started then, every friday, carry the guitars and chairs to the place, set it up, after finish, have a good friday lunch, miss it so much, unlike currently in BEs, need to rush to english class after that.

All i am saying is, treasure much this friendship. This Fellowship. One of the seniors spoke in farewell night about the friends you gain in CF are friends that last. True enough, i had been joining this and that and i could tell you when a connection comes because of work or assignments, nothing really last because the core of it is work itself, that's why you hear the quote "work is work, personal is personal" but here, in PKA, where vision and values are being shared, we know we can get really far.

How Far? even after 10 years of not meeting each other, but you would still feel That Close when you meet each other at that instant. That's PKA. I know it would happen, because the same happened in CFSMKDJ, you can get lost in touch because of university life, but you just boommm and sit down talk to each other out of the randomness. 

Ahh i miss my childish look* compares with the picture previously haha.

To all the Seniors, outgoing Dinos.. I shall copy the oh so many liverpool fans saying "You tak akan jalan sendiri!" 

May God  bless all of you =) Stay Strong =) 

You know, if anyone of you know how i came into PKA, it's not by random but really all plan by Him. Thanks to Lesley =P It's because of this blog that i blog about finding a church in Penang after getting in USM and because of a message by her then i got into all these now =) God has wonderful plans eh? and remembering how God put me in PPSL and doing the same thing too. 

and thanks to the wonderful girlfriend too who came =)

ahhh my cacated spiky hair ><"" 
She's so gorgeous that night ain't she =P

Just some short Personal Updates here.

So it's study week again.. i told my mom that i am back to KL just to rest, cause i know i never really study in this comfy home (fyi my condo is super cooling for reason perhaps my room hardly get sunlights). I am in dilemma whether to go back straight after BYEE interview tomorrow, catch the bus at Bukit Jalil and on the way to drop by Pasar Seni to apply my RapidFlexi pass. I am having a trouble thinking of my logistics of my books, tools and shirts etc. Not sure even if i am moving out next semester. And not sure if i need to use this and that during the semester break so would need mom's kind help to just fetch everything down to KL.

And i am happy because i have just sent to my friend a draft template of the domain i want to have! This blog currently has close to 450 post by the way, and it's the 5th personal blog i have. Ah memories.. ahh so i thought rather of having a proper website now. www.limgeneharn.com? or ww.japhethlim.com LOL perasan*

Ahh.. I dream too much sometimes. That kept me moving all the time. 

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