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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[6/4/2011] TEDxGurneyDrive : TED the new defined passion.

Yeap, first picture of the post.
Yes again it's another event! And yes you! we don't want you to miss out this awesome event so stay back and wait up soon when we open our ticketing! Most of you probably have heard of TED. But what's with the TEDx? Easy to define as when more people around the world are sharing the same concept or vision as TED to organize a local based TED event so x means independent.

Just if you are curious, No, TEDx is not far away, as much as you seen in Youtubes or anywhere, It's very near to you, now TEDxGurneyDrive is happening on the 30th April! Proud to say that we had TEDxNTU over just few weeks ago in Singapore, and TEDxIpoh  and TEDxJohorBahru coming up son too! 

I won't go detail promoting this event but yes always can follow us at Facebook. In Short i would say TEDxGurneyDrive this time theme on Shining Penang, we will showcast penangnites on the speakers list and we believe each one of them is able to deliver like what you watch online. 

Meeting with Wawasan Open University Chancellors to discuss the event details to secure partnership for venue. WOU itself is already great story to tell for their distant education method and ideology behind the university's vision. Did you know that WOU Chancellors were once Deans of Bio school of USM?

 The Venue, The second largest Auditorium.

Yes, just looking out to the seas. That's why, Gurney. Penang!

 Proud to be partner with!

Ok stop, so yea some people already starting to ask me -.-" Yes i said i wanna be a nerd for third year and study a lot, but when i find one platform that can really share my vision together. That is inspiration. Then i don't see why not? As in the Organizing Committee itself, i see how i can use my network for some use finally. And best of all, as you are searching for speakers, you really just read through great NGOs presence on various issues and you go " Owh i didn't know this existed" So many inspiring stories by inspiring people deserve to be shared, that's why in TED, we call it "Ideas Worth Spreading". 

No, it's not a lecture, no, it's not a conference, no it's not a networking event. The concept is pretty down and straight, inspiring, provoke thoughts among the audience, and audience who know TED itself should set expectation on this already i feel. So yea i am currently the Public Relations for TEDxGurneyDrive. Truth to be told, i am a newbie, but i see how TED idea could go along with who i know and what i learn so far. 

I am thinking next already, TEDxUSM. I found what Neil said is very true, the moment i thought of TEDxNTU, my first question came was, " I thought TEDx is local name based or something like this" So far we had TEDxKL, TEDxyouthKL and many name of places. But i thought, hey, Universities as USM itself there are a whole lot bunch of professors doing little wonders behind the scene and we should all know. And the marketing itself is already easy that the target audience is the USM students itself but public of course again yes. It's almost the same as just having a lecture talk BUT to have TED's concept involve the whole thing would sound pretty interesting. The first one i am thinking already is our dear Vice Chancellor. I have had personal chats with him, and i think he is already one who knows how to pull your legs as good as in TED videos. 

There are Rules and Regulation to follow, of course, as respect to any organization using their name, but TEDx is free license, glad they lessen the burden for people who wants to do good work with TED's name.Well, so here comes another platform, thanks to TengYew and Wilson the Directors, i just randomly filled up an application form to the team and didn't know will land in such idea. I love how it works. Simple event, no huge scaling and planning like any conference in AIESEC would do. and the impact is very direct. So what's really next? really with TEDx?  I find it fun because IF i am really going to focus on TEDx and having involve in organizing a lot of them, i think it's quite worth to join the OC team to recognize a lot of inspiring people almost everyday =) 

Phew* Yes again another random post from Studio and i have not been sleeping for 2 nights. God knows how i am going to score this semester =) 

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