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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[27/4/2011] Excitement ahead! Drive Slowly!

Yea that's my current thought. It's again in the weez hours. 5 in the morning, again thinking of the excitements coming up next few months. Gonna spend a good morning later collecting my Bayer postage at the Town and some bank ins and also Starbucks 50% off =) Not forgetting study, (Owh man did i ever look like i am in the study week mood?) I've got the feeling most HBP students this semester examination is just like floating around... So let me go to the details =) 

1. Apparently Justin Bieber came to Penang and open his own Bah Kut Teh shop. HAHAHAH naa pulling your leg =P Just some random picture here. 

2. A random shopping indeed. Many times i ask myself it's a need or want. But considering i really need a good shades because i bike frequent. Well for a 95 bucks i think this paid off well enough. Polygon Brand. Cool Stuffs. 3 pairs of filters to play around with. 

3. Happy 2 months to the GirlFriend =) 
Ahh it's been a long journey it seems, to others it's like waa so fast! but for us i think we really went through a lot, and now seems exam is finishing and we are heading for semester break and looks like we are gonna be far apart =/ But well i'm sure things will get well too =) Can't wait to see what God has to store for us =) You know sometimes i wonder how i can date, study, do projects, and do this do that. I don't think it's because i'm good in time management, i think i'm a sleepless dude -___-

3. Apparently my schedule is full up to next semester start =) 
Man yea i just can't ever stop. Even when i called up my mom and said i am going backpacking and she's like "why can't you just stay at home!" Basically what's going to happen after my exam which ends at 5th i would be.attending EPCC Conference on the 6th, then 7th will do some extreme cycling, 8th will go to the RiverSpy Facilitator program organized by WaterWatchPenang, then 9-11 some school program, then off to SINGAPORE! then head up to Johor for BYEE finals on the 16th then Internship starts... on the 23rd..

And all the way till mid August with some important dates there, then i am left with few more weeks and i am currently drafting out possibilities of backpacking Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam. Sem reopens at the 2nd week of September, i have 3 weeks in 3 countries, that's quite a good timing i would say. but concern is no one wants to follow so far, i'm TOTALLY ok going alone actually, but mom still worries and it makes sense... see how then.

4. I am also excited to rebrand my new "blog". Actually i have bought the domain Japhethlim.com and see how stuff is gonna work out soon. I have never really played around with serious domain stuff so i am giving it a try. I am officially bored of blogger interface. ( realized i put all the tabs on my blog head?) because i am lack of customization (though i know you can do it too) but i love the sense of ownership. though it's 90bucks a year. Not forgetting too i have another project to catch up with which i will reveal later =)

5. TEDxGurneyDrive is gonna be a blast =) 
Yes you got it, even Hannah Tan supports us. teehee! There was a mini meeting just now though, nice recaps of everything, though i really have pressure on my PR task and i am quite sucky in it. but the response is an encouragement. Look at the 9 speakers already, just with RM20 where can you get such opportunity of ideas and networking (yes i'm looking through a lot of names which give me impression this is a networking event). Will see how it's going on later then =) 

Goodness i am just never ending with events =S 
Perhaps i am just looking too down on Academics. 
Owh wait i never said that! I'm just saying Academics is boring. Quotes the old saying " you only apply less than 10% of what you learnt in Uni in working life" But blaa, i never really think academic is a waste if you know how to remodify the whole system, lecturers would respect you for that, and that's what i'm gonna do for my final year, through my new website too =) 

p/s I thought of writing about a post on Supporting the 1Malaysia Email thing actually. it would really braindrain me and spending the whole night and crazy thing to blog about it during study week. Don't get me wrong, i just love to give a hit at other perspectives knowing it makes people think more and be smarter and not really simply go to facebook and support this and that because it just feels cool to go with the "Against Government"  Fashion.

Yes Excitement Ahead! Drive Slowly! 
Perhaps all along i see everything as Excitement! 
TEEHEE! That's LIFE =) 

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