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Friday, April 22, 2011

[23/4/2011] WHY 2nd Quarter 2011 - Quarter of Trust.

Yes it's going to be middle of April and finally i have just done my little 'postmortem' of my first quarter in 2011 which is based on the theme of FAITH. Don't ask me why if i am being weird like a company to have different quarter themes, you could find my early post in the tab "Monthly Resolutions". To be short, it's actually an idea i had ever since MyLDS 2009 in UUM, i was sharing this to a group as well, about delivering your annual resolution and breaking it down to see the growth process of yourself, and i never regretted that. Just a flashback, these are my past themes or resolutions.

Yes it might be very simple, just a word. I don't want a thousand words or phrase of what i aim to achieve, i just need to wander around one word and learn how to appreciate it, that's how i personally learn. And each time the quarter finishes, i think of it whether i have realized what i learnt and also the accumulative past few quarter themes.  So first Quarter was over, Quarter of FAITH. 

Yes i learnt much, i think i would really be out of words to describe how much i felt i have grown this quarter. It's just exactly like feeling God is just right beside. It's reflect by the verse Hebrews 11:1 " Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" There are many things i went through in this quarter, i followed his whispers, a good example would be student elections. At some point of view, it's the last thought i thought i would be doing, but end up, i was in the general election instead, i did not win, and Everyone asked me why am i not sad about it? Wasn't i hoping? I realize the true learning point when i lost, and God guided me throughts the point when i really could not see what's going to happen, anything in the election was a mess to my own understanding. But God showed me the great lessons behind these experiences.

Many more happened, well but all i would say is, have Faith. and now in this next quarter, i suddenly lead up to this theme.

Yes, Quarter of Trust. Faith and Trust, what's the difference? Here this time it's about social trust. Well one thing i have learnt so far is that it is time to evaluate trust. It's not the saying being picky choosing friends but it's time to be serious of putting networking aside and really know who your friends are. It sounds simple, but much more to that because personally i find it very hard to clear the line between networking and friends. If you understand my network only limit to AIESEC working networks, then it's much bigger than you thought and i am not proud to say that because most of them have been wasting my time. So it's time to really see what can work out and trust those who trust you =) As simple as that =)

So that's my new Resolution for the Quarter! Owh ya just wanted to share this! I was quite surprise though, few months ago, a random AIESECer from HongKong suddenly FB-ed me and asked me for a write up about my views on AIESEC conferences. So there you go.

Yea and was it seen? In the PDF file for the promotion of Ecolity Conference, well we know that LC HKU and HKUST are active in doing international scale conference and yes they are having good reputation of that, from the past conference such as Greeneration and Ripples. But yea so there goes my words, but again i remind myself it's time to stop going for conferences, i have learnt much and time to write. 

But if it is facilitating conference, of course i would if i have the chance, it's always the happiest moment to share to others what you have learnt and to see them grow. and yes i realize how much i have changed over the 2 years of Experience. 

p/s In middle of exam weeek and i always think more (non academics) during exam week God knows why -__-  And i don't find stress, or maybe i am being ignorance? hehehe.

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