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Friday, April 15, 2011

[16/4/2011] Experience for Pre-Final Round BYEE

One of the happiest news for the university life =) 

So yes, i got into Bayer Finals. Some were confident that i will get into finals for sure especially my sister and cousin, but of course again it always test your curiosity whether you really could make it. So i did it? But it seems a lot of people " Like" the status thinking i will be going to Germany already which is not -.-" 

What's next?
I would still have to implement a project and the KPI has to be measurable by the end of July. And the end result will compete with the other 9 candidates and the best 2 will go to a 2 weeks all expense paid Germany Green education Trip. Thus, having 20% chance. However but, considering i am doing Internship during that time and also semester break which Y.E.S project is not going to function with the team all in one place.

So what is my project?
naaa i won't reveal it here. Soon enough it will be obvious. But imagine a person having internship throughout the project implementation date, having all manpower segregated due to semester break. For me, it's an opportunity, anyone who knows me for my focus in project will briefly get my idea =P But well, it's again a bet on whether it can carry out successfully.

So it was the interview that made the difference i think. I think a few points that contributed to my impression, firstly my CV. Having quite a strong impression of green projects person with international exposure such as going to Shanghai and India is quite an impression i guess. And also i think thanks to my sister i manage to do a nice CV with nice numbers to give them a picture of the impact done.

Next, i think would be my project idea. I won't say it out but i think it's one of its kind. Because i was highlighting the issue of sustainability in sustainability themed projects itself. And my project could benefit all the other 9 contestants project themselves indirectly, or to say any green project in Malaysia by a minimum means.

There was a total of 20+ candidates,  7 were interview that same day as mine, some flew in from the East and far away, i guess i was the only guy. But i think what benefits me is i was the first candidate. Meaning, no time restriction in a way because the judges have not gone through any before. I took a total of 40 minutes instead 20 minutes. Not my choice but they were asking so much about my project especially the end result, and i thought awhile and i manage to find a solution on the spot.

FYI, i rewrite the whole project idea the night before. Knowing that my previous idea could not be used anymore after knowing where will i be during the project implementation. 

 These are the judges. Nice distribution of experience, and yes they do know about AIESEC and also UNU so glad that they could picture the things i was involved. I came in doubting whether to sell myself or sell the project honestly. I was trying to view their expectations.

Another point is that i think, having the first presentation, i came in taking the advantage to talk something extra when i was asked to self intro. Thus i came in talking about the 5 big problems of sustainability of students running projects. I listed them one by one and talked with my experience.  and i think i manage to shift their impression on students project after my presentation. 

Generally the 5 problems are, Amount of Green Projects in Malaysia, Teamwork and Synergy ownership in Projects, Causes and lost of focus, Awareness and Action synchronization, Reality and Relevance of issues. Which i won't elaborate here.

The whole presentation was straight. I didn't have any powerpoints like some others do, just some random ramblings the night before and just got the new idea. and there you go selected to go to the finals. So i will be looking forward for the 5D4N ecocamp and expecting to learn a lot of things =) and also.. implementing the project. =D

Germany or not? That doesn't matter. But i would really love to see and share and help all the other 9 finalists with their project as well =) I think that's the greater reason why i came in to this competition. 

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