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Saturday, April 30, 2011

[1/5/2011] Recipe for the Success Cake

So it was the high pitch ending for TEDxGurneyDrive.

More than 100 participants turned out. Expectations wise, some met and some not. Networking expectation is there, but not the standard perhaps, simply because i have been always watching TED videos and i shouldn't be comparing them in the first place. This post is not about TEDx. It's something i realize.

I see all these 9 speakers coming from different background and skills, having their very own stand on their expertise. And i see the university life today, only few has, nothing wrong, definitely. Just that it takes time until when people starts their career then they really know what they want and then they start to work on their branding.

The point is that, a participant came to exchange namecard with me today, and asked if there is any more similar events like this, tell her, i was curious and she said she is from a NGO who specifically on spreading news about all these networking event so that more people could be helped to link the dots. That's the situation always, we have many dots in Malaysia but everyone just needs more linkage. 

Realizing how it all came about, i realize TEDx really harvested my networks. All the 4 speakers i invited just came from a way i hardly remember too. But the best part is that everyone just got to know and more will be coming soon. I call this a recipe for the success cake because i felt TEDxgurneydrive has interconnect different issues from different areas but all made relevance on being innovative and going for the future. That's the common link we could create for the dots. 

Sadly for now, i never really want to run for events anymore. God knows what thoughts i am in right now, I have known this this and that that certain people, why would i want to know even more people? That's the question i have been asking myself lately. Just because i really love to hear people stories and inspired by them? I felt like it was a very fun game actually. I don't know. =)

Recipe for the Success Cake? Just link the dots. Let the ingredients mix.

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