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Friday, April 1, 2011

[1/4/2011] In Creation of another Turning Point. *Boring Post pls...

Yes it's again another about GeneHarn post, i suddenly thought of this, so now it has settled 3 months in KL for internship with a super well reputed international Architecture firm, no more Sabah plan or whatsoever. I know my third year is going to be different, simply because i plan so that whatever i do in my third year shall be considering into adding real working values into my resume. 

If you were following up my past few posts, i came up to a conclusion that i should stop what i have been doing, it's not about joining wrong activities or whatsoever, all was planned before i enter university but seems that i did not follow it. Having the thought of leaving everything during second year and moving into something seriously such as joining Architecture Competitions or really read up stuffs, i don't think i made it =P  As  much i would want to focus fully into AIESEC, but well time's up for me as an Architecture Student to know that i have serious field to deal with. Besides, i realize most AIESECers don't turn out in their field when they graduate, but goodness not for me. That's just my side track. looking at manager application opened* sigh*

Owh well, so here i am, in second year again and it's going to be over. And there was a coursemate who chat with me "Actually i envy your university life, you are very confident to just throw everything and live like how you want it to be, not like us just assignments everyday" As personally i would say, yes i am glad and as any of the students of HBP school i would say i am one of the few to really go crazy for activities and running for events everywhere including travelling. Well and it has to end now. No one would really understand the assignment stress in HBP until they are in it, we don't take mid term exam, but yea we always die by assignments alone, somehow, i manage to balance.

So i have to create another turning point. I agree my university life for the past few years have been great. I found my passion. That's it. and now, it's about how to continue living on this passion and fitting into my course, which is Architecture. So easy, Environmental Sustainability + Architecture = Green Building. As easy as ABC? Not really, most people really perceive Green Building as just like going green, i want to be professional, i want to surpass lecturers knowledge, i want to present papers, i want to tell a story of a building not by design and green but also marketing and branding sense. *Partially that's also how AIESEC made me realize about this. 

That's the turning point i want to make. I had a full 2 years finding my passion and living it by actions and projects. Now it's time to sit down and read and write for the better of the rest. And these 4 months will be the turning point, in a way, be a new person, be introvert? be a nerd? i don't know, but i think i am a little sucky at the moment partially because my networking has gone a mess, i'm not holding to my own principles anyways, which is only network people who needs you. That's the working world. 

So, 4 months? 3 months gone for internship?
I think time for some break =) A month of travelling again perhaps.

Yea, this place was in Beijing. Old Summer palace =) Magnificent lake. I simply miss the moment of travelling, every step and every shot of pictures are just like different stories to the static sight you see everyday. Hmmm... so finishing internship on the 29 of July, starting class on the 12 of September. That makes it 6 weeks of Travelling.

Plans? I was actually hoping to go for CEEDER, cause i always believe in travelling the best way of experience is by mixing the locals and AIESEC has proven no boundaries to that. I don't love travelling for the sake of having pictures here and there and then rush to the next destination.. There was a lot of other plans, going back to Shanghai to intern with Greennovate which i used to for a month (but it's summer super hot!), or even going back IKEA work. But well it's time to free my mind.

This 6 weeks i could have a well use of Singapore? Medan? or East Malaysia? I don't know. But 6 weeks really sound a decent duration of backpacking, considering the salary i earn 3 months before can cover up quite a good package.

If i am going to Sabah, then yea would love to backpack different towns and enjoy landscape photography. If Singapore, then a lot of Architecture Photography to input on, and their town planning again is not to be missed. If i would go Medan.. then that's really a one new experience with Lake Toba

I think.. I would just go for all. Well, the best thing about planning things alone, backpacking alone, worry lesser things perhaps, and travel faster =) Not that i prefer, but no one wants to follow T.T but i love the life you observe, you pen down, you read your own books, take your own photographs all yourself. .. for me that's awesome for 6 weeks =) 

Medan, Singapore, Sabah?
I'm Excited. Full Stop. 

Besides, i think i am going to take the 4 months to focus on building my own domain. I am really done with blogspots, don't judge it by the traffic, i just think there are things which i can't do with blogs, which i always trial and error and wasted my time. so time to invest =) and also focusing and reading up more Archi stuffs and write them in. owh yea. serious tone* =P

And now i think i need a day or two to reorganize my Facebook friends by listing them and also my gmail tabbings are all mess up =S i think the best is, just reformat my laptop. haha. 

And on a random note, i am thinking of getting a new lens, most probably UWA lens which depends on my salary later on ><

p/s A lot ask me to extend internship to 4 months, owh my goodness no way, where do i have time to travel when i start travelling again anyways? =S

p/p/s sorry la i just love random ramblings in my blog =) 

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