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Friday, March 4, 2011

[5/3/2011] The Starbucks Experience - Joseph A Michelli

It's 6 in the morning now, waiting for the girlfriend soon and heading to Ipoh for the weekend. Have been spending a couple of hours reading on this 200pages short story. They call it 


But yea seriously, one short and entertaining piece. Am really done with anymore leadership principle books but this one thin book is one good example of how leadership portrays through a true story of a true brand. It's always best to study stories of anything rather than theories, eh?

Imagine how Starbucks turn a cup of Coffee (which is super ordinary for any americans or anyone around the world every morning) into an extraordinary one. 
How did they manage to convince people to pay for something 8 times more expensive? 
How a non franchise business spread its wings from the states to Singapore? 
Why this and that?

I got so driven away while reading the story, or the Experience. Yes indeed it's true, it's an extraordinary experience. Joseph A Michelli listed the 5 principles that are part of this company's culture that enables starbucks to stood up by itself. The 5 key principles leaderships are Make it your own, Everything Matters, Surprise and Delight, Embrace Resistance, and Leave your Mark.

I am not going to highlight the lessons here. But after reading halfway, i
would want to summarize in a very simple form of what i notice. I bet most of us notice, the huge distinct while stepping into Starbucks, or comparing MCD. There are a lot of differences, the most will be the People. Starbucks is truly focusing on Training and Human Resource Development, instead of hanging huge burgers up on advertisement boards like MCD do, seriously. Starbucks spend so much more relatively compared to other similar field brands on HR training. That's their secret weapon, they don't need to talk so much on Branding and Positioning about their brand by putting these huge ads up on the boards. How many of us in Malaysia really see any of their advertisement before? Infact, the best branding tool is the PEOPLE itself. 

The staff in starbucks aren't just any one day trained workers. It's designed such a way that they really do love the culture and embrace the values of this company culture has to offer. Most importantly, they love COFFEE, they are given training to study about COFFEE, literally..  Back in the states, starbucks is merely a business but a community thing. People refer starbucks as landmarks, or even knowing that it's a daily gathering places. In starbucks, you have a corner of random pictures of the staff in anything, instead of advertisement. It just spells, it's like home. Unlike MCD and most others where you just feel like it's any other standardized buy and take and eat away scene. Starbucks offer more than that.

Infact, the truth is i should not be comparing both as both brands are developed from different stories, though MCD is trying so hard on staff recognition but it seems that you just can't find any values in MCD that enable the staff to share the same joy as how any staffs in Starbucks do. In a sum, their Talent Management or Human Resource is the key factor actually.

Have you ever wonder how a company with just ordinary Coffee terms can be the world's top 20 most expensive brands and also in Forbes Top best place to work in? 

People Power. Sense of Belonging.
Now that makes me feel like working in Starbucks.
I have had work in IKEA btw, it's a little the same feeling. Happy Environment!

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