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Thursday, March 3, 2011

[4/3/2011] Creative Cities - Lesson For Penang

I guess i am always looking forward for SERI's Talks. Got it quite sudden though, just yesterday, actually to be honest it's one of the talks i will really skip my class just to go for it, it's really off the textbook. Besides what i feel some of the things i am learning now in the syllabus is little outdated (can you imagine notes which is the same as 10 years ago?)  I tried my best to extend this invitation to many people as possible =) as i know SERI really loves the younger generation to come to know more about this, infact which is really crucial because youths are the one suppose to be concern as Penang Renaissance is really depending on the youth movement too.

What is it about?
This time talk is partnered by Think City Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of Khazanah Nasional Berhad  in collaboration with the Socio Economic & Environmental Research Institute SERI, which i really respect =P  As you can see the slide, Penang, A closer Look at the Potential, yea i always believe Penang has much more potential than KL. The Speaker was Charles Landry, Google him up! He has worked in over 45 Countries and written a couple of books and also founded his very own company on Cities planning if i am not mistaken. 

 The Turn out was great. Some familiar faces from SERI and met a few new friends and Mr Teoh from Malaysia Nature Society. Good to have him offer me a ride back to USM though.

So there goes the Presentation, he gave us a preview about cities in general.. How
at this century more people are referring to the Cities compared to the Nations? We mention Bangkok, but not Thailand, and so and so in most scenarios.So it seems Cities are the flagships of different Nations at this time.

 Now this is what catches me the most.

At this rate i am convince, personally that we in Penang are moving towards the City as a project. While still many third parties or NGOs are looking Penang as a City of Projects, thus implementing much projects that still don't align with the vision of the state government itself. 
 Now this is also very true. Cities are the thing that determine now. Because True enough that cities influence how the job will be too! And who cares so much about the job anyways when you know the opportunities lie mostly in the cities in the first place. 

 Yea, paradigm shifts we call it. I have a few says about Penang, but i believe again because i am just an observer and by instincts, (and not like any of these researches to have a concrete statistics to propose the evidence of change) But i am just curious where is the branding and positioning of the Penang will lie as. Singapore done well already in Technology and Liberal Arts. I will be more than Happy to see Penang continue with the Heritage and Tourism Line. Thus we need the International City mindset because we are bringing the world into Penang anyways.

But as i have had a few conversations, the silicon valley in Penang is relatively still not as expected, we are still doing the low entry machineries and assemblies point which is that's why in a way Human Resource is easily gotten, unlike the high ends silicon valley where they really do inventions. In short, the EandE sector in Penang is still largely derive and influence by Markets in Taiwan or Japan.

Now, this is quite a happy thing. Anyone who has live in both KL and Penang will know why this creativity index, apparently most of them penang score higher. Charles has his own way of KPI to measure these, well he has been into this for more than 20 years, i really agree with the scores above. Penang is not like any other states in Malaysia, it has its very own identity. 

In fact, i always imagine if Penang is a city by its own. It will definitely be much more better than Singapore. You can't compare the current Singapore and Penang very obvious, but if you want to compare multi cultural and Diversity, i think penang is way much more cultural and will be appreciated that way. In a way, Penang is much more live-able compared to Singapore in my view =)

Penang Boleh!
Sorry la i feel like this post a little lack of tink tank =P 

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