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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

[3/3/2011] The 10 things i will do before Graduating from USM.

It's 4am right now, blogging. Just knowing that i don't really have assignment to work upon tonight and the sleepiness in me is asking me to get to the bed but i feel like i have to think this through. Even, i don't really know what Title for this blog. This is me during the very first day of stepping into USM. (Looking at the 'thinkgreen' shirt makes me realize perhaps that's what that determine what i'm doing that now)

I still remember that is also the very first week i had my D5000, and ever since, started shooting pictures here and there, and i didn't know how a DSLR in university life can change my life in a way through events networking via photographer.

In here you just see familiar faces one year plus ago, Hafiz, Hanif and Kar Fai and the pharmacy gang behind.. All Tekun guys... And the fresh new room at E5-51.

It just looks so completely new. Now that's not the point, i ain't looking back at what's happening in 2009 hoping it could reverse. I remember the very first day of University Life, i remember on what i want to achieve in University, i knew this is really once a lifetime experience, let it be 3, 4 or 5 years of experience, University is the period where you really determine where you are at many definitions. Besides, i call my Matriculation College life the period of turning point, which i did realize things about LIFE in general.

I Blog, because i realize i learnt so many things in University. I remember when i did resolutions for 2011, i browse through all the posts i blog in 2010. I flashed back the memory and see the people coming and go, and events too that really left chapters in my university experience. 

So the point is, i still have one and a half year of Undergraduate Experience. And most probably another 2 years of Masters so i can complete my Architecture Studies. This is what i have set to accomplish before i really step out of University.

The 10 things i will accomplish before Graduating from USM.

1. Write and publish a book on StoryOfStuffs(Malaysian Version)
2. Cycle Finish the whole Penang Island every Road.
3. Travel finish SEA Countries & INDIA & CHINA & Indonesia.
4.  Come out with an Album production ( Fyi i have written 6 songs but never recorded them)
5. Fall in Love =)  Get a GirlFriend
6. Work Parttime along Studies.
7. Free Lancing Graphic and Photography in my Masters years
8. Climb Mount Kinabalu, Sabah.
9. Leading USM to be the first University to study Carbon Footprints Studies and other significant actions in relation to it.

and lastly, 

10. Try my best to be an Inspiration towards everyone in anything i do.

Because like i said again, I live this life hoping to see others are inspired to be inspirations in other peoples live too to make this world a better place to live in.

It's University Life. I came in with an   many Expectations. Because i know i will never be the same again once i step out into the working life. So i am working hard on polishing this Chapter of Life. And i know by any seconds of this experience i am living in passes by, i wouldn't regret in my decisions because they are all part of my Experience. I'm just trying to make my University Life diverse, balanced, give everything a shot, and feel the experience but knowing i have a focus too, it's the Green Focus =) Personal Branding of mine.

I define Life as a Game, you play the game, you won't die, you will survive again and again, you won't lose, all you really need is to find the direction to win the game. No trophy or recognition, but purely for your own fantastic chapter of University Life.

This, i call it, the University Experience.

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