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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[30/3/2011] The Everyday Easter. HOPE

This is the submission i submitted to PKA newsletter about Easter on behalf of Easter Sunday! =) It was really a free style writing and actually i didn't have any initial thoughts till i found out what to write what pretty much happens everyday. Have fun reading if you want =)

Just when i thought everything was about to scratch to an end, she smiled. She said, It is all right, God has a plan for me, there shall be hope as long as i trust in Him. Everyone in the prayer meeting was delighted indeed. Abigail did not make it into her top 5 choices for Local University options, and two year after that, she is actively helping many hopeless ones to find hope, in a community centre. For me, that is Easter. A story of Hope. or i call it Hearing Other People Experiences.

A very common understanding of the meaning of Easter, for millions of christians, is that of honoring and recognizing Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, and His glorious promises of eternal life for all who believe in Him. Easter is a deep drive for me, it's an everlasting joy of waking up to the call of Hope, Believe and Faith.  I can honestly tell anyone that i don't really know the exact details about the origin of Easter, but the simple picture i got was Jesus Christ's victory over death, where there is hope when you have faith.

As for me, the Story of Easter isn't a few days experience, it's an everyday thing. Ups and Downs, rollercoaster rides, well, we have this every single day in our universities lives. I have learnt much for Hearing about Other People’s Experiences. As for me it’s always inspiring to hear them, hear their stories, then, you know God is moving so strongly. Hope is shown, Easter happens everyday in a way because victory just seems to be everywhere. Abigail’s story today remain an inspiration to all her friends on her determination that it would be fine with having faith in God.

My ultimate inspiration everyday is again about HOPE, hearing anyone’s stories, be it the lecturer, friends, or even the auntie who does cendol by the road side, everyone has a story to tell. You just don’t know when God will reveal to you his mightiness and magnificent victorious is taking place in many people’s lives. People, is one of the many mediums God use to tell you something. So let everyday be an Easter day, hear people’s experience, know that God’s Victorious over death could be defined in many types of implications in many people’s lives today as well, know that all you need is Faith and His good news to bring you forward every single day. "But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you."Psalm 39:7.  

That’s Hope. 

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