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Saturday, March 26, 2011

26/3/2011 Green Profits Conference, Greening The World by Greening Your Business First!

So yes, i skip my studio for this conference, though even know that studio was teaching OTTV thermal transfer but i think i learnt much more here because i think at times studio assignments which are currently so green branded by the university vision as well as lecturers just need to know how to fit into the reality with money sense instead of just putting some solar panels. The speakers alone in this conference itself made me determine to go for it, though as much as i promote this to my friends, i regret that you couldn't join because Architects students can really gain a lot from this few hours talk conference.

Somehow talk might be boring for students already, but when you have one from the real world with statistics to show you rather than lecturers with research and a lot of imagination conceptual going on, then it proves something more. But yea for me, hopefully i can get their slides, so informative, statistics i love =)

So i won't go further into what i learn for every speakers like what i blog about TGOGM conference. It's gonna drain your eyes reading it, i have to say it's another good planning of conference, well selected speakers, agenda, simple venue, awesome food, nice event flow. It's a well mix 6 speakers on 6 different aspects to balance the topic "Green The World by Greening your Business first" though i must say the focus was a little like Energy and Building design, no doubt for the factors that contribute more than 70% on our Carbon Footprint. 

  1. Mr Ahmad from Malaysia Green Technology Corporation spoke on Promoting Green Technology Commercialization via Green Technology Financing Scheme. 
  2. Ar Von, as President for Malaysia Green Building Confederation, or also a member from the World Green Building Council, speaks on GBI Green Building Index is not just about Energy.
  3. Prof Dr Chan Ngai Weng, president from Water Watch Penang, also a lecturer from USM speaks about Water Efficiency Management for Business Sectors from Green Aspects.
  4. Mr Anthony Wong, Group managing Director for the Frangipani langkawi Resort & Spa Hotel speaks on a case study on Frangipani Resort in Langkawi which cleans polluted river using water plants, Low Technology, Innovated Ideas.
  5. Dr Jagadeesh Pasupuleti from UNITEN talks on Green Tech options for low carbon future.
  6. Lastly, Matthias spoke on Ideas and Experiences on where to find the money in Green, well his experience indeed.

The bottom line of what i learn is that in reality, you really need to link back everything to money sense, well can't deny as it is one of the 3Ps in sustainable development, and certainly the most tangible factor people always refer to. If you remember watching "The Day after Tomorrow" the movie simulates this case as the States Vice President ask about the fragile Economy on having the North Region people evacuate down to the South, while also knowing that the Earth is fragile, well they both come together. Many other things i learnt particularly about all the tax reduction in Green Tech.

Most importantly is about rising the awareness of the bottombillion on Green Properties and Houses if we really want to make the change. Houses are the starting point. We can talk about Campaigns here and tehre with awareness but on the other hand we are focusing on implementation and law especially. Can't forget what Dr Anthony spoke about using grey water to reuse in Frangipani, simply because of Indah Water law that stated it something like that. If we really want to transform the mentality then lets start from the houses. 

Another interesting major topic is about Water Rates. High Water Tariff that encourages people on wasting water so much, clearly reflects on how much people will not appreciate something cheap, and even if we want to make it expensive and stop subsidizing these rates, then politic reasons come in that the government may lost fame for making troubles for the people. There will be a turning point, i just don't know how and when.

Yea we have Panel Discussion too as a wrap up. All guys huh? =) It was a 7 hours conference Short and really could learnt a lot if you come with expectations and ready to open up and learn things. Yeap i think i learnt. How?

Yea, i found that true. There are great difference in going a conference filled with students or NGOs and Corporations. I learnt that my innocence for not being in the working world allowed me to dare to ask silly questions but not really during students ones. Felt appreciated. Well, that's for a replacement of my typical university class. Though as much as i hope other students could join, i got to remind me about academics reality too.

Till then =) Happy 1 month Anniversary to the Girlfriend =)

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