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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[24/3/2011] A say about Internships #2 Confirmed DP Architects

So it's the final say, i have gotten confirmation on going for DP Architects =) Back to KL just for 24 hours to attend the interview. I have this mix feeling right now, it's not because i am doubt whether i choose the right one, but the interview clearly threw at me a lot of questions.

As i mentioned in previous post why i love interviews. It's not for the benefit of the company only but also to us to get the expectations and so on. And in this case, i think i just got hit with the nightmare i have thought a while ago. It's good to have my resume with all the 'stuffs' there, but none of them can prove my interest is really in architecture even though i mention before the green passion is the side track. What surprises me is that i didn't really prepare for the interview, though i know i always have the thoughts in my mind already and i blog so much about how i define Architecture etc, i just blank. And he said "never mind, you are still fresh"

For me, it's totally ok. As for now i have entered this international firm, i know that the 3months will be one exciting one filled with challenges, each day with its own benchmark. I saw the Progress Tracking Sheet, all the details there, that's exactly what i expected from what i want to see, how much they emphasize on interns learning environment, site visits, seminars, model building, this that programme, everything detail laid out. They are going to take in 7-8 interns by the way. Personally i am surprise with the amount of allowance, considering the norm quotes stating taking in Interns is for social concern, for the future talents, but a company will never really use an intern to the core function anyways.

I said i screwed the interview. Yes i did. And i think the HR person actually did a good job, actually i got an impression before interview, that i will confirm get a place already, based on verbal communication. But then i see that the interv
iew is really just aim to screw you out till they can see how you handle the stress. "Now that's what going to happen everyday" Yea with working hour 8.30 - 6 everyday and on the train 2 hours daily. I'm 12 hours off. And i did presentation on my portfolio very badly. 

The whole idea of interview in their point of view is wanting you to sell your product, as seeing them as your clients. At this point, my documentation on my portfolio is not sufficient to do that. That is really my fault, and yes they can just throw me all the criticism and i can just agree and say it's really my fault, but i am being accepted then.

"How do you define Architecture" "Which architects you admire the most" these questions are the very fundamental ones which i can even tell a story i remember, but just not that afternoon, blank*  I know this 3 months is going to be awesome, a great turning point and super condense digestion of knowledge. Talking about an international firm with 90+ staffs and 8 interns, and being just BESIDE Berjaya Timesquare and LOWYAT! this 3 months i will have back the KL hectic lifestyle once again.

Yea, International. I like. Want to pay attention to their management too. Wonder why actually other countries no website besides Singapore, doubt the reason just because Singapore is their HeadQuarters.

So what's to prepare me for the 3 months?

1. Rapidpass Pelajar! yes me love that! 100 bucks for unlimited travel one month! Be it bus, LRT, KTM, anything. then i still have 900 bucks to spare. yes their baseline for interns are RM1000.
2. Actively blogging what i learnt? Not here. but www.thegreatgreenrace.blogspot.com
3. Need to really redefine my understanding and directions in Architecture.
4. Formal Attires =S

The deepest i can remember from the conversation " Don't talk to me, just show me" There are a few others from UKM coming in as well. All i can say is that anyone can really see the clear line between USM and UKM undergraduate because USM studio is always very practical and non conceptual, and we take up a lot of studies and syllabus from other courses too especially during first years. We were only exposed to AUTOCAD in 2nd year. While as for Taylors, we understand that conceptual is very strong in their studio, but i guess if i was to ask them how they are going to build it, then i don't know. In USM, we are equip with these knowledge, Economics, Project management, quantity surveying, etc. I shall see then. 

All i can say right now is, yes i am very excited to be grilled, fried, bomb in the 3 months. It's not short actually. Though being said 3 months can't learn much from them =P I hope this 3 months can really be the turning point in my studio performance. I know things, i present little or incorrectly i would say =S

And yes, this at OneUtama =) cheer me up =)

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