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Monday, March 21, 2011

[22/3/2011] ICGGS 2011 - The ASEAN vision ahead.

So yeap, It was the 1st ever ICGGS, International Conference on Globalisation, Governance and Sustainability for ASEAN youths 2011. A big congratz to Political Science Club and Social Science School for making this a huge success i say. For me, it's really something unique bringing more than half of the mass 250+ delegates from other ASEAN Countries, majorly Indonesia and Thailand. 

At this point i don't know how to describe what i have learnt. Clearly enough i went in with an expectation of exposing to new things, not the word sustainability, the word "sustainability" in this context is much more huge compared to the environmental part which i know, well true again, if you have green power knowledge, you would need economy knowledge much more. 

ASEAN? Association of SouthEast Asian Nations.
It's an ASEAN calling i call it. I realize many points of this conference isn't really all about the GGS concept but ASEAN concept. How do we see ASEAN 2020 is going to happen? where  ASEAN countries having the same situation as EU having no borders concept including financing and other aspects beyond my knowledge. Above picture is representative from Indonesia, Thailand and USM ourself. It's one of the many series of paper presentation i was at. Btw, ASEAN comprises of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Myammar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. a total of 10 Countries. 

Undergraduate with Papers?
Yes, it's presenting papers, ideas, solutions, not the workshop style conference. Many of them relate to ASEAN issues and solutions over it, and most interesting of all, they are all Undergraduates. Papers are mostly a common term in masters onwards i guess, but here, you are having presenters as young as 18 years old with their concepts and suggestion to improve over ASEAN situation. 

I was told to present as well, as USM was lacking of some presenters, but i thought it was that hard, and apparently, it was not that hard. You can't compared with PHDs obviously, they have the statistics and everything in a complete layout, but what really inspires me of all of this presenters, is IDEAS. It shows how much they are being exposed at their age in their countries.Well most of them are studying courses like Science Politics and International Relations though, but it all ties down to the root of ASEAN.

That is Gracia, met her personally officially that day onwards =) Very inspiring indeed for meeting Obama before and signing contract with Siti Nurhaliza for ads shots purpose. Having at the same age as me, while being a trainer in British Council, not that i compare with, but well, a drive indeed. 

Dr Mahathir was suppose to turn out in Equotorial Hostel Luncheon talk, but didn't in the end, though having pretty many VIPs such as  VC himself, Deputy minister of higher education, Dato Saifuddin, and our new pro chancellor was there as well, even Dr Ismail our Dean of Social Science school was there. And owh yea, VC did launched his book as well "Voicing Concerns".

Besides, there was the 72 hours non stop Pendeklamasian Puisi beside the venue to enter The Books of Records. It's a good side event having our VIPs and other international delegates to take part to share the culture of Puisi i guess, just did not see any chinese before though =S

So there was a thought stirring in me, most of them in the conference are talking about ASEAN, 1 ASEAN. ASEAN Youth Funds, ASEAN TV, many ASEAN things coming out, and by 2020 to achieve like how EU is today. For me this is unexpecting the expected. One of the books i read before state that by year 2500 the world will become one unit. Where all walls will break down and you might be thinking what's going on with religions, cultures, language during that time. Dr Chandra did answer back a lot of challenging questions "It's just really the matter of Globalization and how do we cope on clinging on our own values while knowing others". 

The first question pops out in my mind, does Malaysian youth today even know our values? I observe from Indonesia, they are really passionate about their values, political revival, young generation rising up with their voting rights at 18, i'm not argueing at that point but yes you can see the difference. 

Well Good Job to Justin, the Emcee for the event =) Thanks for inviting me for the interview with Astro Awani, yeap i was asked to an open forum live broadcast with Astro Awani along with representative from Indonesia and Thailand, The title was about Sustainability, again, it's just too wide. In terms of Economy sustainability with Governance, i hardly know anything actually. And because of the delay of the interview, so i called it off =/

Well it's a nice event, honestly did not really learn that much as expected, most probably because it was a totally new thing for me, as most of them ask "Architecture? What are you doing here?" LOL. No harm to always know new things =) 

Everything on this world is interconnected right? =)

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