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Friday, March 18, 2011

[18/3/2011] A little History about GeneHarn #3

Yea, it was a fun night of bowling =D Gary with his Kaki Layang. Never seen that funny post of him before though =P So yea it's 4pm now, after PKA Prayer Meeting and in the english class now listening some listening test. hmm well so a few minutes of blogging =) 

It's another so called "History about GeneHarn" post.. well.. let's just make it His Story.. i ain't going to say something very nostalgic or mesmerizing anyway. Just recently thought of this. Well, if we are talking about Personality. Fyi, i have a MBTI result of ENTJ. well that doesn't really mean anything. This post is going to be something really just about the author and himself.

My mom once said before i would be a Lone Ranger. Well, i know she was just cracking a joke, it wasn't totally a serious thing. But hey, remembering the familiar saying that no personality is the best or worst but really depends on situation. There's nothing wrong being lone ranger i guess. Well about whether i am one of them, i don't know, but i think i am close to the impression of being one.

I'm just like you, 24hours a day.
Some would wonder how i really manage my time or the people i know. Well, it's nothing like so mysterious like you think. I'm still a normal person with 24hours. I don't mean to say myself as someone good at time management but to anyone who has over rated me, i am really just
a normal human being and i can be sucky in many things. And well, many people know that as well. Like many can say my resume looks nice, but really i think it can be just a piece of craps comparing to the things i should learn.

Some who have seen me often in campus would recognize me by someone "popular" (seriously it's not something i want) and in the meantime, most of the time walking around alone. I still believe in what John C Maxwell says "To go Fast, go Alone ; To go Far, go with a Team".  

The Solo Go-er
I think one obvious reason is that ever since i have bicycle, i save a lot of time, well, in other words, sacrifice a lot of time able to meet up with random people on the bus and start up conversations. It takes only 10 minutes to go class by bicycle, while 30 minutes+ to wait for the bus. Meaning i lost the potential of talking to someone inspiring everyday with the 20 minutes gone in a trip. I don't share car nor bus most of the time, meaning i miss out the chance to have meals with my friends, even roommate.

Making Every Meal a Deal
But, this leads to another form, meaning ajak-ing people out for a meal everytime to really keep in touch. Or i can just simply crash a meal within minutes without waiting your friend to eat finish. Everyone has to eat though, so it's always a good catch up for a lunch/dinner with your friends in campus. Once i was so crazy with catching up with everyone till the need of splitting which day is for which group of friends. well, that almost killed me. So every meal is a deal, a deep conversation is truly impactful for each day, a good talk is good to make you ponder upon things and move you for that day.

So, lone ranger? Doesn't mean lonely. Nor Alone. most people also still ask who are your best friend indeed. I will be very direct there are two groups. and i believe they will agree so. One is my Christian Fellowship Friends, no matter how far i am from them, i know i can trust them, it's just like your own sister brother indeed. No matter how random and sudden the topic will be, it's totally ok with them. 

And secondly, is my group of similar personality friends i guess ( and yes they shall be nodding their head while reading this) it's like we can be very far apart and not catching up everyday but everything will be so instant and understood when we meet up. It's like they understand you because of the similar values or point of understanding and they don't need you to go through the whole story to convince them on an issue. The same applies in the opposite. We don't talk about daily things, Glee or whatever that happens in our lecture or what ever, but the very essence which is understanding what is life about and straight to the point, "Are you Ok?" and talking about facts rather than rumors. Any small, seem to be insignificant thing can be exchanged over facebook, not a physical meet up to talk about in this context.

Well, that's a little about my life friendship and relationship. Indeed i must admit, a lot of people come and go. Same here, i come and go in a lot of people life as well. I once tell my friend "perhaps, it's intended. or fated. Stories of people is always my inspiration perhaps that's the reason" But i don't purposely come into someone life just to know their stories, the simple rule is that, 

i stick to someone who i can appreciate, and how do i know if i do appreciate? by knowing the reason why God place them in my life and what i have learnt from them.

That's my story sikit la =) I'm a Lone ranger? 
well, i have my ways for own defined wonderful life =) hehe.

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