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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[17/3/2011] Resume - A Strategy

4am post in the morning, just again because of some thoughts to pen down.

And yeap, Monopoly Deal, a nice picture to reflect resume. It's nothing hidden long, it's a sudden feeling that, i think i have under achieve. You can really judge how much you have learnt over your resume. Well i know all of us in university have been familiarized with CVs or Resume.

But one can really tell the big difference of a resume full with participation or achievement. I just saw one sample CV that really impressed me, just a simple page, cut down the craps, professional, stated all solid achievements. Don't talk about positions or even participation in events. I could be throwing my
2 or 3 pages latest resume then. 

Many can say about how to design a good CV and all the detail aspects of it, but the fact is straight, if you don't have anything to show, you are as good as empty. Not to even say, you need not to show what you join, they don't mean anything actually much if you have another competitor with a resume full of achievement.

Then what's next?
Yea, this drove me into thoughts. Some can really know i have been crapping all the while with my passions, some could think that i have been doing impressive things. But i think i need a revolution now. I know i am sorry for the few events recently including whether thinking of letting go AIESEC, which logically speaking, i should. but well i'm gonna think twice again if i'm selfish enough to do that. 

Someone told me this "We know that you are good going fast alone, so why hold back? no one is trying to say you are not good in group working, but have you ever tried of doing something totally yourself, what about fast and far?" Not that i am too free to think of what else to busy with. But i am just left one year to finish my undergraduate. I have spent 2 years in university creating my university experience, i need to sharpen up this final year to really build something reputable in my resume. 

How? Architecture Competition? That's just one of the many ways i think. I am talking about specifically professional in Architecture. I don't judge the success by CGPA or studio, to be frank that's just the very stereotype or definition. There's a power of writing and research that can really put yourself way above the benchmark. More skills come into play?  Even the firm who saw my resume said their HR see things as anything above pass is pass, what's next is the personality on dealing things and experience, achievements.

yes this can be just another crap. but well, i see things now. I need to leave the platforms, i need a revolution. I need to set benchmark, well i need to really run this time. I waste too much time. I have yet to experience the full integration of my green passion with the course i am studying. Green Building Design? Too underrated in HBP school i think. Only if someone is really going to stand out and prove how far it could go.

Got to rethink on how to build up my resume. Done with events. What about recognition and achievements in parallel to my course? None. 

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