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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[15/3/2011] Counting the weeks within Days.

Yea it was a random title, it was a random week. Again thoughts come and go, events just hike up and roll down. 4 days without blogging, not to the point that i thought blogging is a everyday thing, but well there are thoughts, i pen them. A lot happened i guess =) I just hope everything i thought (with my 2nd thought again) can automatically post on my blog? LOL. 

1. I "service" my bike! =D 
20 bucks for a brand new tire. I can assure that after two months it will be completely flat like before again. Well simply i love "drifting" and breaking fast and considering the slope i go up and down everyday. Soon enough when my disc brake has to change then $$$ pocket burnt =/

Yea i bought it from Uncle Lim bicycle shop, near Super Tanker, often i go there for adjustments etc. And yea i'm a high user as i use it everyday.( can i claim back my 60 bucks of bus fees =P ) i have yet to sit bus for a semester!

Yea she is so sexy! =D though i haven't wash her before. yea i know i'm sick.

2.0  A flashback in School
This is the CF Board. Christian Fellowship.  back in my highschool.
Flashing back 2006/2007 then i was the publicity person. This board was my everything. I stare at it everyday. thinking how to decorate it to attract more people, which list here and there, what memory bible verse today. Glad things have changed a lot now with Facebook so active.

There're a lot of things about CF, it's a place many things in me started. and even why i started CF itself underground in my College year and also finding one in my uni to join before i even step in because there is a strong reason behind a fellowship. Though we can call ourselves christians, but without the word fellowship or cellgroup, it's hard.

3.0 Our First Lady comment on Nuke Energy in Japan.

There was a recording above about what our Malaysia first Lady, Rosmah Mansor was commenting on the disaster of Japan. 

"Ini.. eh.. pandang(an) diri saya adalah satu pengajaran kepada negara-negara lain untuk apa-apa pun mereka nak buat, ataupun sebarang pembangunan mereka ingin lakukan seharusnya mengaji dulu keadaan sekeliling and mengaitkan dengan climate change and green technology, termasuk juga negra kita."

"In my opinion, this (causality) serves as a warning to other countries, before doing anything, or any form of development, they should study the environment and relate to climate change and green technology, including our own country.

So yea, quite obvious it's a shame. What does she really have to judge about Japan, the first world country which has one of the most sophisticated technology in the world while Malaysia ourselves are still trap in the 5R system. Japan did study on the environment and climate change so actively, remembering EM mudball technology was discovered there too. How Japan handle earthquake was already impressive a lot. If it wasn't their past experience, it could been said their causalities will be ten times more. Their Nuclear plants are built to withstand the disaster and it already did.

4.0 About People Making Sense

I would be glad if you can read what was written there. Sometimes the person's words who might not make sense to you is something worth finding out because it might be beyond your understanding. It's a process.

There is a lecturer i respect for his exposure on the art of thinking, simple details are meant to be significant i call it. If one could really read the thoughts between the lines and before going to the surface on things, then that's him. just sadly some of the students are really just bored with the class and i am sorry that they could not catch up with the lecturer's concept. For me, what he has been teaching reminds me of ESD Education for Sustainable Development, Education by the way of thinking.

5.0 Haox and just fake pathetic news.
Yea most of us know again it's fake. Who knows which individuals companies who does this which well i did the telco companies have their way of earning more by creating something that sparks communications. Some said that radiation have been brought by rain to Malaysia. so the answer is here. 

I just want to state here that i didn't point my fingers to anyone who shared that news, it was good effort. and we are all just playing our part. what i said is that there are 2 parties. ONE who is eager to see their information is being spread out so fast and many to gain attention due to psychological fulfillment means. SECOND is users who are eager to get information towards this disaster who are doing the good job to help people in terms of communication. 

And so after that i came out with this, which again, what i realize ever since i started my FB account then. 

Yea, it's pretty common. in everywhere, rumours and opinions, pass on a few or 2 layers then it becomes a fact somehow. it really takes a person personality to understand and filter these before it spreads.

6.0 The Real Busy Facebook User.

Yea, the one who is active in Facebook is not the one posting too many things, but the one stalking here and there and making assumptions and stories of everything, and gossip, and well, it never ends. what more? it never earn you anything in the end. It's very famous to hear the saying "there are 3 types of people, one is to make something happen, another is to follow what has happened, and lastly, another that wondered what has happened" it fits into the context i think.

7.0 What's next?
  • I have sent in my BYEE entry! Fingers Cross*
  • DPA is arranging an interview and kinda gave me the impression they would really accept me but i would still bug others for interview too.
  • Meeting up MC for Pledge Card project.
  • Need to prepare PR kit for TEDx Penang that is happening soon!
  • Y.E.S Conference coming soon! Comm plan need to unroll soon after securing a more detail from the OCP!
  • ICGGS Conference this Weekend!
  • Green Profits Conference next Weekend!
  • and with some borings update on assignments which i never list out on my blog before.
  • and well, more time with her =) 
I never said i have a busy life, well to a personal note, i think that was what that kept me forward, as much as i could give an impression i am all book up with stuff, but i never do give myself that impression, i'm just learning.

And well if you always want a yamcha? i will always try my best still, despite who you are, because i love stories from anyone =) 

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