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Friday, March 11, 2011

[11/3/2011] A say about Internships.

So well, it's my first internship interview. It's one of the many chapters of university life, no doubt. I just know right now i need to redo my resume, as i just realize (pathetically), i didn't include my working experience (from IKEA and TT corporation) into my resume. and i have learnt that putting less is better than more in this case. sigh* so here comes my first interview! *mind you what is written here is very personal*so no offense*

A. H TEE architect. Frankly speaking...

It's at Damansara Uptown, just 10 minutes from my house. Expected allowance is 800 bucks but well that's not priority. But i think i will list down a 2 or 3 reasons why i would not accept it. 

  1. I just felt it's not what i want to learn. (What i want to learn is how really a design complete its cycle. from tendering itself to the final product.)
  2. It's a small firm. (It's a firm with 20+ people. now this is what most people say obviously. Go for small firm wan la, can learn more things. True but pros and cons. As personally for me, i would want to work in a developer soon, so i want to see how things really run in the first place in a big corporation.)
  3. It's a focus project (most of the time small firm will only work on certain project, with a 20+ people and assuming only 10+ really focusing on the design field, it's understood why so. While in big ones, you can monitor a few projects at once)
  4. Intern focus (This firm told me that they take in interns on and off, one or two, as for me, nothing wrong but i prefer an environment where interns really have a concrete Job Description. Most of the time an undergraduate 2nd year architecture intern can't do much, but there ARE things we can do, only depends on the HR how they want to develop us. As of the other big firms i know, interns come in a group and they have set modules for them)
  5. Intern Groups (so there comes to this point, having more interns in a big company is what i love. You have peer to peer support and knowing there is no age gap and best of all you have someone to backup each other and perhaps planting even more sense of belonging to the experience.
So well, it wasn't two or three but 5 reasons. LOL. i have not confirmed my decision yet, though of course the firm itself they haven't replied me, and i still have other 3 on pendings. I guess i will need another weekend t
o come back KL again for another round of interview. Namely, Ken Holdings, DPA, GDP. 

Someone also ask me why take this fuzz to go interview, just secure and one will do la.. seriously, i don't know how many sees internship is as important as CGPA, there can be a very wide difference in internship experience. even some companies who hire you later ask which firm you go to rather than results. And i love interview, because there shall be an expectation setting then. And when's there is expectation setting and you met what you love, you know you are gonna enjoy the 3 months =D

Well, i just hope it's worth while really taking the time to do all the callings and rejecting a couple of firms =S just for the searching of what type i really want.

Well i want it as big, as this mega mac i had it yesterday =P

But that come with a ten bucks payment =/ ouch! 

Don't get me wrong.
I just want each internship experience counts.

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