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Saturday, February 5, 2011

[6/2/2011] 4 Months? Do what? =)

So yea it's another Chinese New Year, am back in Mom's hometown, Sitiawan, it's 30 minutes from Ipoh, all i can say is that i miss the good food here, good simple sub urban small town life. Though i have not really had time to walk around, should have gone to Pangkor for a one day shooting trip =/ There are a lot of nice pixels you can capture in this state, let it be Ipoh (which i have YET to be! -.-" ) or Gua temperung or Manjung Area. It's pretty distinctive from the other states. Well let is be another shooting trip then! 

So yeap, More than half year ago i was 3500km to the East, to Shanghai which eventually went up 1000km to Beijing for the Great Walls =) 

And few days ago i was 3500km to the West in New Delhi, it's 4 hours from Taj Mahal, but i didn't make it =/ If not will be my 2nd of the 7 wonders. It was a busy conference schedule but i manage to get a day to the local spots such as India Gates and the Parliament, or also known as their "PutraJaya" 

Yes, their Architecture and Town Planning never fail to amaze me. Mind that Putrajaya is a new city, with all detailed planning of government sectors there. So i am just thinking, every Holiday it seems i have really experience something worthy =) Hmmm..

So how about this coming 4 months?

As you know, all Local Universities are having 4 months semester break later, to make it short, it's because of a transition period for the new Local Universities Time Table so there comes the long 4 months. I am listing some options here. Hope you can comment too =)

I am having my Industry Training then. 3 months compulsory but i see how can i shorten it and to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The duration is from May to August.

1) I am planning to do my Architecture internship in the East, Sabah specifically. Yes i am crazy people call me that =P Can spend 3 months in KL but don't choose to, guess i just love to be abroad to experience cultural exchange most of the time. 

So that's for the 3 months, If not i do it in KL, but what's for the one more month?

2) I want to do CEEDer. Yes another AIESEC experience and of course i don't know if i am in the experience to be one but i want to exchange project skills with other countries, perhaps Singapore and Taiwan with affordable budget!

3) I said i wanted to do another DT internship but i don't think the experience will be up to expectation this time when i know that i could try to do CEEDership =) And yea but i sign up for OGX already though =) 

4) I want to go back IKEA and work Part Time! I MISS THAT PLACE!! They have the best HR care ever i felt, don't ask me why and how but i feel very happy indeed everytime working there! 

5) Or anywhere you want to recommend to me for part time job that's worth the experience? (Money is never the first factor for me) Don't tell me salesperson please, something really unique!

6) Or Spend the remaining one month free, well which most of you (i assume) will say 'time to rest laaa..." yeaa i need to get back to the fit, miss those moment i really run non stop, i am pretty much fat instead of fit now. Do more personal development stuff, go travel locally and photography shots? Or i should really spend my time writing songs again? And sort out all the skills i have to use. 

7) or... secret* haha.

Well me rushing assignment now again =) Thank God this time can use AUTOCAD, time to really use those photoshop and techy skills to pay off! weehee =D

p/s Missing so many things!

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