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Thursday, February 3, 2011

[4/2/2011] A little History of GeneHarn #1

So yea, it was a dream. It's a dream. It's just too short, but we've got to move on. Currently i am in LCCT. waiting for bus to rush back to mom's hometown for CNY reunion. Can't afford to miss out the annual good food and catching up =P well. So YUVA Meet 2011 has ended. 

 Yeap, Group picture of some of TERI staffs and RCE representatives from other countries. I think i have really reached a stage where i can call myself part time student, full time project management manager. haha. Activities back to back. and now thinking the things going to take place after this meet, with personal agendas and studies. Mom always tell me, take careee, focus on studies. I am glad. I mean i would feel wrong if she is to say do what i want to do, i just needed her constant reminder on studies.

So some people say, you busy busy busy, life so happening, good to see your passion. but frankly i would say, i am a guy who losses focus easily sometimes too. I am not busy, i am just doing things, i am just doing my hobby. Anyone needs entertainment, let it be glee, let it be any hobbies, mine is doing what i am truly passionate about. Youth Development and Environmental Sustainability.

Here i want to stop and stare. Many things have really happened in past 2 years. So here comes a short story of GeneHarn. ( i can really write a long one though?) Anyone might able track my activities with the amount of albums i had in Facebook, perhaps that was one of the reason i started with as Event Photographer, so i can tap into any activity and network with a reason, and best of all connecting to them with my pictures. 

I don't really reveal my personal problems on my blog. Notice that? simply because i only refer to close people i trust. And i don't find the point. Neither people really know about my backgrounds, i talk a lot about current happenings, but i strongly believe my past is the one who formed my today. Let's just say, i grew up in an environment of struggles. 

When i hit Highschool, remembering i was 2 years of model student award (screw that oh well -.-" ) but yea that's when you finally had something where, "hey you can do something" I was active in Christian Fellowship that time, and pretty much in church too, and also Marathon and side activities. I admit that is the period i really join events for the sake of merit and recognition. 

Then many turning points happened after, Matriculation is still the greatest turning point of my life. I think College life is most people's greatest turning point of life, decision making and many life ponders to deal about. I had mine. I knew i had to find it. Perhaps its the environment in  Matrics and my position of my up bringing made me to really observe this thing called Lives of other people. and yes i was also dead busy then. (you can read my thoughts about college life which i contributed to a non profit publication here)

Then here comes University Life. Anyone who knows me in first year might know me being crazy enough to join all the crazy things. I knew i had to. Because i really wanted to find my focus, and i wanted to establish my personal branding. Which i know that i was into events communication team ever since. This time, screw recognition, throws MyCSD points, the whole point of going to events here and there and knowing she and he is about opening up your eyes to the reality which most University syllabus don't tell you. . I think i will just list out the networks i tag in =) 

AIESEC, PKA, GreenLung, GoldenKey, CETREE, HEP, PPSL, MPP, MPDTekun, TheGatheringofMinds Conference, MobileYouthUnconferenceAsia, Jazzada (Jazz and her team), Kelab Olahraga USM, InspirationConference, MyCJN, 350org, KampusSejahtera, HBP, PAM, SERI, MyHarapan, SIFE, YCE, Shanghai (during Shanghai Exchange), and now, YUVA Meet.

I am not trying to list down  the full list, neither showing off but slowly i realize, among all these networks and trials, i slowly understand my passion and focus. I am meaning, these people i meet in here and there, are the different inspirations i get that inspire me to keep moving on. Yes i think i had a productive life, and praise God that i never regretted over the sleepless weeks and struggles to meet datelines and just keep on striving. Sometimes i think what amaze myself the most is, how did i really make it through? people ask that too. I answered them, "just be optimistic". Well truth is, i don't understand how also. Perhaps i am just wanting to see more of myself.

And yea i love to be stress. Truth is i hardly be, perhaps its not in my dictionary. But i would love to be so pressured with dates and performance until i finally breakdown. because by breaking down, then it's where i can renew my strength and see how to be more effective and efficient.

Many things inspired me. Even little things, even you. My blog especially, anyone who talks about social media and blogs with me will know how many life changing stories happened through this page you are viewing. Many awesome bloggers have exchanges great perspective and information that changed my life previously. 

Well but right now, this inspires me. 

Growth .The Growth of youths, growth of thoughts, and also my own personal growth. Perhaps that's the factor that keeps you moving on.

And well  fighting for your passion and what you believe is right for humankind's future. That'as inspiration too. Man i can write a book about inspiration already =P 

Yea, White Coffin in India =) Am always proud to be a USMer, and Malaysian. Patriotic or not, that's not how i define it, it's just simply, i have faith on our future here. and now thinking of going to an event under United Nations University, representing RCE Penang, in a way, Malaysia. Just makes me wanting more. Next stop? focus in RCE? or more in COP17? Some say i choose the wrong course to be in Architecture. My answer is, i choose it, because i want to challenge my friends of really putting the talk of doing green buildings at heart, at actions. and Green building, is so underrated, i want to prove it something bigger, with a personal agenda through the networks i have =)

And yea, i still can't stop viewing back my history and see how rapidly i am changing. It's exciting. and the best thing is when you have someone guiding or facilitating you and agreeing with that =P 

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