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Thursday, February 3, 2011

[3/2/2011] A little detail about YUVA Meet 2011 =)

Thanks to USM for sponsoring, thanks for the short few days conference in New Delhi. Thanks for all the inspiring delegates and international team. I met a new chapter. It's called RCE.. It isn't really that big, but having to know so much things at once especially studying so much about RCE Penang and USM relations, i think this experience is again beyond words. First time i felt being part of United Nations University. LOL.

yea just describing one picture here. This is one of the ceremony where it's part of the project lighting a billion lives. You will never know that lights like this could benefit 1.6 billion people without electricity function =) And yes we met a lot a lot of relevant and important people here to adjust the vision.

Below is a newsfeed from TERI website and it's released in Local papers. 

TERI organizes 3rd YUVA Meet for youth to understand the 'Road to Global Sustainability via Local Initiatives' 
1 February 2011

Star Youth Icons - Krishna Poonia (Athelete) and Purab Kohli (Actor) give a clarion call to generate effective responses to ecological challenges

The World today is grappling with serious issues of Climate Change with far-reaching consequences for our forthcoming generations. Until now, much emphasis has been laid on understanding atmospheric and scientific changes resulting from climate change. However, the role of youth, their perspective, solutions for change and social implications of Climate Change has gained attention. Against this background, TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute) in partnership with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and The British Council organized the 3rd Yuva Meet on "Road to Global Sustainability via Local Initiatives", a special two-day event and a part of TERI's annual flagship initiative 'Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2011'.

This annual meet for the youth, aims to provide them with a holistic overview of the emerging environ
mental challenges and to encourage them to play a vital role in spreading awareness on key environment concerns and collectively voice their views and exchange ideas.

Present at the two day event were Ms Sheila Dikshit, Honorable Chief Minister, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Dr R K Pachauri, Director General TERI, Mr Dharmendar, Secretary, Environment, Department of NCT Delhi, Prof Govindan Parayil, Vice-Rector, UNU and Director, UNU-IAS Japan, Dr Leena Srivastava, Executive Director, TERI, Mr Rob Lynes, Director, British Council, India, Mr Charlie Walker, Director Programmes, British Council and Ms Ranjana Saikia, Director, Environment Education and Youth Services, TERI. There was also a star packed youth representation to send out the message on conserving the environment and the contribution youth can make towards tackling global warming. Young achievers of India included CWG 2010 Champion & Athlete, Padma Shri recipient 2011, Krishna Poonia and Anchor-Actor, Purab Kohli who were present to support and instigate the youth for this cause.

Commencing the session on day one, said, Dr Leena Srivastava, Executive Director, TERI, "We inherited this planet from our past generation and we need to play a significant role in preserving it and to pass it on to our imminent generation. It is our responsibility to make the youth understand the criticalities of climate change and give them confidence to safeguard it for their own benefit. We, at TERI, are glad to organize such informative and engaging events for a better tomorrow."

Congratulating TERI, for creating awareness towards climate change and related issues, Delhi Chief Minister Ms Sheila Dikshit said that children were working as 'environment ambassadors' to make the Capital clean, green and pollution-free, which was an inspiration for elders to concentrate on environmental issues. "The future of the society lies in the hands of its youth. They will see the effects of climate change in their own lifetimes, and that of their children. We need their voices in the debate on climate change." She further urged students and people present at the occasion to exercise self control in consumption and use natural resources judiciously. She said "We should observe efficiency in use of natural resources that we have and there is an immediate need to become eco-friendly rather than aping the west blindly. Indian civilization has always been environment friendly and as leaders of tomorrow the youth must take special interest in following our traditions of living with modesty and compassion and help in spreading the message to the masses to protect our mother Earth which beholds us with love and affection."

Dr R K Pachauri, Director-General, TERI, and Chairman, Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, in his address said, 'I believe the only way one could bring about change in the world is by reaching out to the youth. It is very potent and potentially a very powerful force for bringing about action globally.' Outlining YUVA's endeavor, he further said, "In its third year, YUVA has proven to be a successful platform for the young to voice their opinions, discuss their concerns and solutions, and share the responsibilities with regards to environment."

In their addresses youth icons -- Krishna Poonia and Purab Kohli emphasized that at a time when unsustainable use of natural resources and environmental degradation have emerged as the greatest challenges that the society faces at all levels, its time to actively involve the youth. They are important stakeholders in any initiative to combat environmental degradation and can be actively engaged at local, national and global levels in awareness-raising educational programs, advocating for policy level changes and strengthening public participation for environmental protection. Its time that the young people engage in new forms of action and activism to generate effective responses to ecological challenges.
Major highlights of the YUVA 2011 meet were:
  • Interaction with eminent environment speakers, thinkers and leaders
  • Selected student participants to participate in DSDS, 2011
  • NGO exhibition, poster display, movie screenings
  • Interactive sessions ; role plays, simulation exercises for environmental awareness
  • Solution for Change - a unique concept where the young participants will get chance to give solution to real life environmental problems.
In order to harness the positive youth energy and to integrate students into the framework of rural energy access, YUVA 2011 also saw the launch of 'LaBL International Torchbearers Programme': - a student volunteer initiative intending to create a cadre of socially conscious youth contributing towards a better and brighter future while facilitating the progress of UN MDGs. The Programme offers short term volunteering assignments year around for a minimum of four weeks, which provides an opportunity for young adults to work alongside the professionals on off-grid lighting projects and gain first-hand experience in the field of rural energy access. This will equip the skills necessary to further global sustainable development and educate and encourage youth to bring about positive social change by promoting a cleaner and greener world.

This year, around 150 participants including National & International students, Young Researchers and Social Entrepreneurs from across 14 nations with diverse backgrounds participated in the two-day meet. The students were from: India, Srilanka, Maldives, Argentina, Canada, Kenya, Swaziland, Russia, Kyrgystan, Phillippines, Japan, Korea, Fiji Islands and Malaysia. The meet enabled the youth from all these countries to understand the pivotal role they have in spreading the knowledge on key environment concerns and collectively voice their views, exchange ideas, and form a common network thereby reaching out to many more like minded people.

TERI along with its partners for YUVA 2011 - British Council India, Department of Environment, Government of NCT Delhi, Dell Global Giving, Department of Youth Affairs, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India and UNU-IAS -- firmly believe that while the youth will bear the brunt of the negative impacts of climate change, they also symbolize a great force in combating it and carry immense potential to be the flag bearers of change. The meet aspires to create change-makers, who through their knowledge, observation, and action, will combat climate change for a greener today and for an environment that will nurture the future generations

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