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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[23/2/2011] It's the Election Process #3 The END.

It's 4.40 in the morning right now, yea i have been lagging behind in terms of assignment and other commitments ever since the one week university election. Well but easy said, never regretted once at all. I really have a lot to share but i'm just going to keep brief here as this experience is really personal =) and i don't wanna drown you into a full lengthy post.  Just for anyone who doesn't know this, i was involved in the campus election fever =) over past few days, universities across Malaysia were having their students elections campaign and most results are revealed yesterday. This is the result.

so yea, i was at number 7 out of 11. USM main campus only needed top 6 to be short listed as the top 6 positions in USM Student Council. Meaning, i didn't get. And i was just 37 votes behind. What surprises me (ok perhaps not) is that non of the Non Malays made it to the top 6. There's a lot of sayings and strategy discussion going on right now, fingers pointing here and there. But allow this post to give you an insight from my perspective and please respect this as my personal view and should not be seen as a whole.

I would want to repeat this again. I LEARNT A LOT. I am really happy, not just because i know i have more than 2000 students supporting me in a way, but i have finished another great chapter of university life. and i know i will hunt for another one soon. True enough, not many students will have such experience as a candidate. Really different from AIESEC Election as chalk and cheese. Glad to have the experience to know more things and how they run.

Some may question me as if i don't really seem putting effort in Campaign. I admit, I didn't choose to emphasize on campaign. I personally view back again, it's really all about your network and how many people know what you have done. There is no total use going here and there mentioning your manifesto because in the end
most people just really vote you IF they have heard of you or even your physical appearence. You only have a minority of people really know what you have been doing. The whole thing is really i think, you need to let people to know you are running that's all, and anything further than that is pointless, because they will vote when they believe, you can't force someone to believe.

Yea i was staying in my room, i didn't follow the group going around to do public speaking. It's not that i'm not good at, it's just simply not my way and the way i am. Neither going door to door introducing yourself. I agree on physical publicity is essential too, banners and flyers flying around, but they all just work as one thing, making people recognize that you are in this. Either, they will just give people question marks who is this. I don't have statistics, neither voting trend to study how these works, but it's just putting myself into their shoes.

The MLM strategy, not Salesperson.
Yea, i don't sell product. I influence other people to sell my product or brand. If you see how Multi level marketing people plan their strategy, it's not like salesperson going around and promoting their product. It's influencing their group of people to go around and multiply the effort. But one must really have good track record to inspire people to really spark off the MLM system. And i think i did. One reason would be my Manifesto and Focus i guess, all along i was into Environmental things, and in my manifesto i propose that i will lead USM to be the first university in Malaysia to conduct Carbon Footprint studies. 

Being out of the common.
And yea i think everyone is really talking about Kebajikan, or students welfare. My stand is very simple on this, no one can satisfy everyone needs in a 20thousands population university, but only trying the best to accomodate everyone's needs. If one is really going to argue over small points here and there then i choose not to mention about welfare, it's really too subjective to prove yourself into it or not. And yes i was surprised because i didn't really see candidates initiating interesting challenge to allign with the vision for the university. I thought the final 6 will be the cream of the cream of the students, would be really sparking off some nice stuff with the power in their hands. 

The Final Speech.
I am not a politician. Screw my public speakings, but all i know is, i really made my speech stood up. Even the former Student Council President admits that my speech is the most different among all candidate. It's not because it's good or whatever, i said that i had 10 minutes. I'm going to throw my script and speak from my passion. And i started from connecting emotions before stepping into experience sharing then into my manifesto. There's really no use just showing your achievements and manifesto while you can't have your audience really focusing listening on you and shouting at you. I did it, i said, "Sorry for yesterday's speech, i didn't feel the way who i am, and tonight i'm going to tear this script and deliver you the best speech ever". I think it went well because of a humble starting. It's like i really felt there is an eye to eye connection when you connect to a person's heart. 

So there you go, All the candidates. And i think i was the only one who included in congratulating all the candidates to take up this bold step for this challenge. All i just wanted to emphasize is, this whole thing is really nothing have to do with me me me, but really for everyone.

So it came to the voting day and a lot of statistics and strategies laid out. 

And observing the counting of votes where i am really impressed that how HEP and staffs would involve together to count. and many deans turned out too and had a great time sharing with them. 

If there's one lesson i learnt throughout the process, really, being yourself can be the best inspiration to many people around you. I did it, i am who i am throughout the whole thing, i had my stand and firms. I know what i wanted, and also i challenge the candidates "Know why are you standing here in front of everyone tonight, it's not by popularity seek neither for other people, but really what you can do after you got it" 

So yeap, i didn't get it in the end. But it's all right, i have gained what i wanted, and i know with 2000 over supporters. I challenge all the selected ones to really carry out their manifesto. Because i know Passion Needs No Positions. And i challenge anyone to see me even though i'm not elected, i will carry out my manifesto to lead USM to be the first uni to study carbon footprint to come into actions. 

It's not about which parties, it's not about fame, it's not about positions, but really, it's because i wanted it so badly because i just want to serve more and even more to help everyone to achieve their USM experience, because i had so much of it =)

More pictures HERE.

p/s THANK YOU to all the supporters and jenteras and seniors who made this possible with all the guidance. I really think i'm one of the most blessed student for now. haha. 

p/p/s I will be searching for another exciting chapter of University experience, it's called BYEE. If i really got, then i will be representing malaysia to Germany. Wohooo! Ask me more! 

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