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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[2/2/2011] Changes

I don't wish to update much, i am drop dead tired, thanks to the whole solid day of conference, 150 india students coming together to New Delhi and so many speakers to talk about Youth and Climate Change. Their enthusiasim blew me off. Suddenly many conversations came into me.

I've changed. 

2 years ago, before University life started, i didn't really expect to be where i am at in a university life point of view now. To the ones who know me personally for few years, i really went through a deep and high roller coaster ride. To those who don't, never mind, but i did things.

And i would like to share on =) 
For me, The ultimate achievement is ending everyday with a smile on your face, it’s how well you know your life, that’s achievement. If not, achievement is an endless race.

It's very true. That's the thing that kept me happy. That's what people ask whether i am tired or not, but all Glory to God.

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