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Saturday, February 19, 2011

[20/2/2011] It's the Election Process #2

So it's the compact week once again. Guess i didn't regret for taking this step to really learn new things and whole different setting, yea it's expected to meet the unexpected. It's expected to be really different from AIESEC Elections anyways. So it was Rapat Umum yesterday night, expected not that many people afterall.

and yea a few minutes speech introducing yourself and what you want to do this and that for the university or schools. I think i screwed up a little, but it's ok because all i want is to deliver my manifesto over. I am really ignoring introducing my achievements and all these, cause really, what matters is how these achievements form your values in the end. 

I think i really love the sentence i highlighted in the end, "I may not be the best candidate , but i may be one of the top 6 to form the best team you could ever find" and i have a strong reasons and observations to say that after studying the backgrounds of all other candidates.

I think part of it lies in my manifesto and why actually i choose to focus these 2 manifesto in the first place, simply because all these years i am dealing with it i believe. Thanks to Wilson , i think what he said is right. if someone is to vote for intellectual, will vote for me, if to vote for practical, will vote for boon. In conclusion, vote for both, because no one is really the best and only a team can make someone at its best. 

I think overall Pro A and the previous MPP team has been doing an awesome job, if ProM is really coming out with issues then i believe they will be having hard time to find correct facts to put us into hot water. MPP was doing many new initiatives and right things, having the first ever student parliament, sending teams to flood scenes to show concern for community aids. 

But hereby as big leaders we think of how to even add more upon the term, of course i am more than willing to continue to good wills, but there are 2 focus i want to bring. and these focus came out not because out of desperation but after a long term of focus in dealing with such issues. 

Manifesto in brief - (1) To create the most possibly sophisticate communication system in USM that will integrate course works & Notes etc, & Events information & Instant Feedback system all into one virtual platform, that will utilize our email @students.usm.my too. Save  students time and separates works from FB! It's basically like the localized improved Facebook interface and operation system.

Manifesto in brief- (2) To lead USM to be the first university to conduct Carbon Footprint studies as it's stated "Kami memimpin" we dare to take new things in. It's realistic because we are branding USM as an APEX to do things with statistics, this studies will have the first green statistic revealed ever. And enforcing "Green events management policy" which was designed previously by HEP. 

I think these 2 points are really hard to get bomb by oppositions because i have GCP Good case pracitse examples of other unis at it and find it align with USM vision and also Student Comfortability anyways =P And yea i love what En Eruwan said yesterday, Small leaders talk about themselves, Big leaders talk about big plans. Guess i am glad that i didn't touch about my achievements yesterday.

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