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Friday, February 18, 2011

[19/2/2011] It's the Election Process.

Yea, it's election. I really don't know what to post now, it's just really jumble up right now, what i have learned in this 3 short days is just really another set of new experience. I think i really learnt to walk the common phrase here "Work is work, personal is personal" in here "politics is politics, elections is elections, personal is personal" I really don't know how to describe my feelings now. Before i took up the decision to run this election, i know i will need to expect the unexpected, and expectation met.

I can't really express my words properly in this post. but really one thing i realize, is that i learn so much about myself throughout these few days, how i response to few situations and showing my stand of it. I believe in my stand in this election, i am trying to brand the word undilah calon yang betul, because really, whether i am suitable to be in the student rep in the end, it's not me to decide. And really, it's totally hard to deny that you don't encounter through any students politics though when you are in this run
, even when you are not, people will expose you to it. But i guess that's my expectation to learn and understand, but anyone who knows me why i am running this afterall is really just what i am passionate for. Whether is for whatever votes or fames, never ever came through my mind really. I guess it's just my habit of really making positive footprints that's all.

Elections really tackle your communications. Trust and Stands. I just pray hard that in the end the group of 6 who won the general elections are there with Good intentions and hearts. I never take stand in saying vote for me, cause really, that's not me worthy to say about, i will be more happy to give way to people who deserve it better from the crowd, and most importantly, it's not worth at all to prove that you are the best, the higher you struggle, the more you find difficulties within yourself. In short, with God's Grace and Will, I only can do what i can do, the others, i leave it to Him =)

Really, after past few days, i learnt a lot, especially in terms of impressions. The sad thing i guess that disappoints me is when some people just make judgement too early without looking at the person but which side and where the person is with. Sad for all the friends i see running for these elections too with really great pure heart =) well, a lot of room of improvements for USM. Some of friends ask about my focus. I don't think i should answer, it's very fond with my current passion. I don't stay in a place for long, because i learn when i change my sits. And that's part of the plan in the long term =)

My concern priority is not really whether i win, is whether USM students will see this as an important thing to pay attention at and take out the step of faith to vote for the right person. I need not to give the same talk in front of everyone, i just hope my past deeds and my passion speak it all. By God's Grace again =)

And... Assignment now! T.T

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