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Monday, February 14, 2011

[15/2/2011] Valentine's - the Realm for Love?

Yeap, it's 5am now and am doing some reflection =) Nothing in mind, most of the time when i blog i don't have a specific intention until they just come along when i roll on the keyboard. It's just another crazy routine week, eyes are shutting but i know i have my say on almost everything =) So here goes to the crazy day of the year again perhaps?

So when someone actually wishes you...
"Happy Valentine's Day!!"
There are quite a lot of stirs in my thoughts whether he/she is wishing you because it's just for the special day and without intention? or someone just asking you to get into love and adding up the atmosphere of love? so the point is, i feel that people are regarding it the whole day as love love love. Definitely more than the couple loving scene where in some place the culture its such of giving out condoms that represents the item for valentine's. But really, love?

Let me suggest who you should listen about love then. 

Yeap, the superman post infront of the 200+ Audience in TheGatheringofTheGreatMinds Conference 2010.
So it's Patch Adams. Someone most probably you know, if you don't, then PLEASE go check it out! I can't really exactly tell Patch Adams's story but yes His Story is one everyone should listen, anyone who is in the medical field should know him (If not really, i don't know what you know in medicine besides those pills) Patch Adams is probably the best example of demonstrating LOVE. If you have seen in his movie Patch Adams, (featuring Robbin Williams) you will get the gist of the crazy difference during his medical years. 

But trust me, hearing from him personally that day really blew me away. Speaking from Experience and the passion of demonstrating love, one could really blow you away. Many documentaries have been done, videos as well, he's basically the Father that brought in Clown culture into Hospitals. He's really one who demonstrates LOVE is for Everyone. 

I remember that day,  instead of having 2 hours giving a talk like most other speakers did.  this is what he did. 
He ask everyone went on the stage.. and teach us how to Hug, Literally.. and how to say I love you to anyone, and comfort someone. The message is very direct, love is universal, if someone falls by you by any means and emotionally, you shouldn't be even judging the person whether you know him or her in the first place. I can imagine the world He wants to see, same as i do, i wish to see a world whereever you go people will smile to you and start talking to you with that comfortable sense. It's not a matter of possible or not, but it's human nature to suppose to be.

 Yes we hug for more than 5 minutes.
And yes we find a partner to learn to focus, stare into the opponents eyes and say i love you repeatedly for 5 minutes also. Some Most of you will probably freak out if you are there. But the outcome was impactful, people realize that they actually learn how to be comfortable to Hug, to comfort and to say i love you towards an anonymous. 
 I have wondered so much about this too. We are talking about Humanity in a whole at a very simple stage, not some big political things (why do we need even the first place?). Just between 2 person, 2 strangers coming to a point of supporting each other. I still remember one thing he says about Malaysia. " I see big billboards, big burgers, hanging by on the highways from KLIA, i just wish these billboards are pictures of the 1.6 billion population of children bagging for help because that's the reality, burgers are not."

So people, really, Valentine's Day? Couples Day? Get a partner day? If we are going to define it a day of LOVE, (Screw those political parties talking about banning valentine's day or whatever, simply shows they don't even understand what's Valentine's Day could be in the first place" Then we should be more understanding that it's a universal day of showing Love and care for those really needing it. 

We can watch touching videos, or be a moment of paying pity to those who need it, but those who really experienced it, i can tell you the experience is defined as more successful than anything you have ever achieved because it's helping other people. I do, experienced. 

You look into their eyes, and you know they have stories to tell. Listen them, help the world to be a better place. 

And man he's tall! That's Tim Fernandes, founder of Live and Inspire. Another awesome Icon. More curious actually what the whole conference was about? here =) 

I live this life just hoping to see and inspire more people to see themselves as inspiration that will light up the world to be a better place. Really, i want to see it happening.

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