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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[13/2/2011] A little History about GeneHarn =) #2

Hey World =) I'm stealing a couple of minutes to blog about the awesome weekend! Woke up late, thanks to the 40hours not sleeping before that, got some laundry and cleaning up for the room done =) and then headed to stadium to visit Open Relay 2011 (Remembering that i was in the Organizing team for the first ever relay competition last year) Memories to meet with the different people this year, glad the event grew so much!  and also Largely awesome because of Church SNL service again. Great pastor speaker from Australia and showed this video! Wondering why i mention about my history? it could greatly relate with this video. (sorry to all USM students because we are ban from youtube pulak)

One day, a son ask the dad, "Dad, can you run with me for a marathon?" The dad says "Can" they made it. Another time, the son ask the dad again "Dad, can you run again with me for another marathon?"  The dad says "Can" again. Knowing that he has heart problems. They made it again. Another time, The son ask the dad, "Dad, can you run with me for a triathlon?" The Dad says "CAN" again.

For your information, team hoyt (The father and son) made it. It's a race started with 4km Swim, 180km Cycling, and 42km Run. You might be thinking it's the son helping and encouraging the dad to run and run, but bet you will tears after watching this clip =)

So it wasn't really what you expected isn't it?  For people who can't watched the attachment or you are just so lazy to do so -.-" you could see their web page here. And now they are at the fight for those physically disabled to be active members for the community.

So how does that relate to the History of Me. The whole point of the clip was largely about this word, "CAN". I have been crazy into activities since highschool then. In the previous history post, i said that the ultimate purpose is that i want to see much i could handle before break down. Break down to seek His Strength again. This Video is really the perfect example for my experience. It's not my strength but my Father in Heaven's strength. 

Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

Hey Seriously, I CAN. It's just the matter you say whether you can. And have FAITH in the ultimate guidance and teachings he will give when you hear what He says =)  I don't need to go in detail what, how, who, and where i was, but these few years, every time i break down at night, i tell God, thank you for being there when i need you, May your will be done.

Partially really inspire me to write this out is when i was in Open Relay just now and was chatting with my ex Athletes team captain. I was the head for publicity and sponsorship then for the event, he was the Chairperson. This is what he said "I tried to understand so hard, how did you manage to juggle time between so many things ever since last year till now. From AIESEC, to Green Lung to this, and i don't know what are the so many other crazy things you have on the list" 

I didn't answer. I smiled. and replied in my heart "Hey, PRAISE GOD for His Strength." I don't use His name here for the sake of it, but seriously, everytime when i do it, i hear Him saying let's do it. He's really just like my best friend, many of you say i am a solo runner =) Nope, i have someone else running and riding beside me all the time. I have reasons for everything i do, and may His will be done. Amen. 

This is my History, well, my secret of my history. May this inspires you to find your source of Strength.

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