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Monday, February 28, 2011

[1/3/2011] Inspired to Inspire

So it's another 2 am post. Many things happened this week. Many Chapters going off soon and starting. I really need more than words to describe how God is being such a blessing today and before this, and i know in future too.

So some of the past post in my blog has been talking about inspirations and blablabla the same thing. I had another meaningful one this Morning, thought of writing down, it's actually an exchange of opinions between a lecturer and student. So apparently one of the lecturers i know shared his thoughts on life and how he could help with Inspirations. It was a class then, all first years was inside, as usual no one really pay attention to the class, then, to cut long story short, he gave handphones and watches to the front row students and he thinks deserve the most. Infact, first come to your thought is, what handphone, how much is it etc..? 

But what matters here is what he wrote. He wrote to the average student "You are the best student in the World" and other encouraging, short messages along the gifts to every other recipients.   The gift was the extra (ok handphone is really not something extra), but what signifies behind these messages is to really remind people you will be rewarded. And that's an inspiration to hear when he say " I just want to live my life happily, and when i imagine how a gift like handphone can make someone happy, so why not?" Let's don't put money into a factor here, but being happy, that's it. Though he is dong Rewards and Recognition but i know that this has been an inspiration amid of students.

There are many inspirations i get in lives, just depends on how i see them, i see this lecturer as one, money can buy happiness, it's true. While for me, inspirations comes naturally the way you are and how you  touch people at a whole. There was once in College, i made the effort, everyday, sent out mass sms, whether it is bible verses. or quotes, to around like 40 people a day. (that's why i had maxis and digi both numbers). you don't need to try so hard to inspire people with anything, or you need is some correct words and a care for them.

And i feel like i am going to do it again. Last time even in College, i have this random giving day. It's the GIFT of Blessing. Trust me, when you give, ONLY without hoping something in return, that's the best feeling ever because you have made someone's life happier. So now i am thinking again, the fact that i dislike actually, is many people know me, and i don't really know that many people by names. Some people know me as someone respected, some don't. It doesn't matter, but it just tells you that which group of people you can start to focus to inspire them first. Show that they still do matter amid of your business and they think you are just too busy for them.It's just telling them simply that you step into their lives to show that they are so much worthy to be love. 


Again like what i mention before, I live this life hoping to be an Inspiration to inspire more people to inspire even more people to make this world a better place to live in. 

And i know the best thing is, God is with me for this =) 
Was in DK A with PKA just now, we had Movie Night, last time watched Meet the Robinsons, now comes, TheUltimateGift. It blew me off. One of the most impactful and inspiring movie seen, many lessons to observe and the "series of GIFT" to learn in the movie. And LOVE is so diversified define here!

Let me tell you again, My greatest Inspiration?
GROWTH, of my hamster -.-"
Well there is nothing more inspiring than your own Growth.

Random pics of the day =)
This cost 1000ringgit! Diana full set with frames lenses etc.
Talking about Lomo hardcore.. owh well.. hugs my D5000*

Yea, Reuse and Recycle. Finally the initiative with the box in my room.

And it seems there is a new thing going on beside RST =) Finally completed! 

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