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Saturday, February 12, 2011

[12/2/2011] Principles #1

I still remember months ago when i was playing Call of Duty. ( and yes they have some awesome good quotes there) one of it states, Why do we sometimes obey principles while they don't good to us.Well principles after all are guides to ensure good flows or better undertakens in the future. Just a juice or two because life today is just so filled with this and that and most of us are accepting opinions into facts and the whole world goes wild, that's social media power. Anyways, just a random "principle" here i have been thinking recently =)

So yeap, there are two points. There is really no point of going against people afterall. And it's different when we say going against people and going against people's ideas or opinions. 

This is a daily life encounters, opinions and this and that. But one thing i really love the things i do now is that there is a clear definition or boundary of what is personal and work. Personal is personal, work is work. Many things happen in various projects which require this simple thought to make sure everything is cool. And yea so don't get your nerve on someone so fast because most of us are not even sure whether the person is against us afterall, if he is after your ideas, then why be so serious?

Don't take life seriously, take it sincerely =)

Till then. Gonna be an awesome weekend!

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