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Sunday, January 9, 2011

[9/1/2011] Spring Cleaning Day @ Penang! Awesome!

Yes it's another inspiring Sunday. You just somehow always feel good to volunteer, and with a group of strong 500 people turning out during Spring Cleaning Day on the 9/1/2011, you should be able to grab a catch of the supportive feeling when YB LimGuanEng says about going Green. It might be a simple and short event, but the message is simple and clear. In aligning with the State Government new initiative to declare plastic bag to be ban in Penang, this operation was using a Composite Bag. What's that?

Yes it's my first time touching too. Took one back to USM for reference in the future. It's kinda funny texture, not sure what's made of but certainly supportive i believe. Went there with Merlin and Sabrina! Glad that we all had fun! I didn't manage to get the free shirt though!  MORE NEWS AT THE STAR HERE!

Various parties especially green activist might have a different view on Companies doing CSR on green events, especially when it comes to Monetary and expecting their brands to elevate. But yea in this case, not really, Dell and Nokia have their mobile booth here! Collecting unused laptop and handphones as part of their programs! 

Yes the Crowd was very supportive. It's very impressive to see everyone, just anyone, despite religions, skin color, whateve
r you can think of, everyone just came as volunteers, no expectations on rewards but just some simple meal over the event. It's very spontaneous, just be there, task given, no specific job description, all about learning the experience of volunteering.

And YBs from Minister Office giving out Reusable bag in order to counter support their plastic bag banning initiative. It's good to see that they are providing the alternative when they mention reduce! =) 

The spring cleaning covers the areas as stated. Just sharing here so you can simulate the event flow. It's carried out in 5 zones.  Zone A encompasses the clan jetties (Lim, Tan, Chew, Lee and Yeoh) while Zone B covers Pengkalan Weld, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, Lorong Prangin, Lebuh Melayu, Lorong Carnavon, Lebuh Armenian, Kampung Kolam, Lebuh Ah Quee, Lebuh Acheh, Lebuh Cannon, Lorong Toh Aka, Lorong Ikan and Lebuh Pantai. Zone C covers Jalan Sungai Ujong, Lebuh Cintra, Jalan Cheong Fatt Tze, Lebuh Kimberley, Jalan Pintal Tali, Lebuh Campbell, Lorong Seck Chuan and Lorong Carnavon while Zone D consists of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Lebuh Chulia, Union Street, Lebuh Bishop. Lebuh Gereja, Lebuh China, Lebuh Pasar, Lebuh Pantai, Lebuh King, Lebuh Queen and Lebuh Light. Zone E covers Lebuh Farquhar, Jalan Penang, Lebuh Leith, Muntri Street, Love Lane, Lorong Chulia, Lorong Muda and Lebuh Chulia.

MPPP has been really supportive. It's a different atmosphere to see everyone cheerful and having the right heart to participate that day, i don't care if any external informations are saying this event is related to politics or what, they can say all they want, but this event has really significantly tell the public that we are all into this. I can share to you a lot of case studies of other countries having their cities transform into a greener one. Example would be KaohSiung in Taiwan. The whole main solution starts from Residents to change their mindset in the first place. Resident demand too much from government and not thinking on how to play their part at the micro scale. How bad! 

The area we went were zone A, the place where jetties are and very obvious that the rubbish will be by the bottom of the jetties when it is low tide. We have no idea on how to manage and pick up those trash obviously but can focus on how they came from. 

How? Notice the small boat filled with black trash bags? It's heard that these trash comes from big ships where they can't dock to throw rubbish obviously, so this is their waste management. just transport on a boat.. and go to the shore.. and good.. take out all the recyclable ones and we observed they throw the rest into the sea. well. It's really impressive to see the efforts there.. So many externals take this opportunity to make their team bonding too. PEN Mutiara was there too, Persatuan Nelayan of Penang in other words. Guess this concern their part with MPPP =)

The event wrapped up with a speech from YB LimGuanEng and Lucky draw price. What i could really say is that YB's past actions has significantly proven he is into it, don't doubt it, i have been following his facebook and he does not go overseas for travel but really see how other cities manage these ideas. We have our best respected for whatever penang is doing! =) There is this sneak idea, having maximum of 100 steps to reach the next recycling bin in Georgetown. How possible is it? we will see! 

More pictures can be seen at My facebook album =) 


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