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Thursday, January 6, 2011

[7/1/2011] Understanding your house better - SunShading

Yes i am posting this up after realizing then it should be everyone's concerning when it comes to understand about their Home. Yes i don't use the word house because it's somewhere you truly care don't you? There is a rapid change in Housing development, designing and procedures over the mid 20th century towards now, as i was reading SERI's publication on Penang's changing trend of housing. Commonly we all know that houses today are more like a sense of belonging and people wants it to be at its best, to have their own distinctive design. Unlike during the first to third Malaysia 5 years plan, Government ordered a mass building of housing prototypes that is affordable by everyone. However, now in the new 21st century, we see the new definition of lines in building architecture arising. This is a concern. Because, money never sleeps too. 

There are so many ways one developer could brand their products to be very cheap, cut cost by all possible aspects while they can still hit the certificates and elevate their brand by pushing all of their advantages to the public. You don't need to study Architecture to realize what's on the other side. Every product very sure to have both good and bad, and you only really know the best of your product when you know the disadvantages. So i say, if you don't know what's going wrong in your house, then you might want to find out.

Modern houses today are pretty distinctive. You see more and more developers start to use glasses more, lesser and lesser concrete being used, and fast construction of steel and glass. This makes it cheap by every single aspect, duration cost, material cost.. and it looks nicer to have all glasses around! And of course you put curtains as well. But one very distinctive, often you will realize is the lack of sunshading devices at the current new buildings, because they claim that Low E glasses (effective heat repellent glass) will do better (BUT most of the time they are fix glasses, they can't even be open for goodness sake!) and they will ask you to buy aircond (OR they offer you for free and you will get so attracted!) so you don't need to be afraid of heat. 

YES, wait till your bill flies high and this is not we, the architects would want you all to think of, AirConditioning is our taboo, we should be designing the house itself to be at its best without compromising its quality of ventilation and lighting and so many others and be honest with the price it sums out. We call this capitalism, when developer just wants to hit the market with the cheapest possible.

Most of us will see the few very common aspects when it comes to buying properties.. especially condo wise.. you will think of location, value, the east west direction to see sun path to dry your clothes, and lots of other financial procedures. How much do we really know that SunShading is important at the micro level analysis of a building when it comes to property value?

Yes, you might not identify this as sunshading because it's just so rare to see in Malaysia implementing heavy sunshading devices to encounter th strong direct sunlight. SunShading is not just some tool that you assume it at a specific length and just fix on it and expecting your house will escape from sunlight. Don't you know that our sun positioning is different everywhere everytime? Below is an example of SunPath Diagram =)

Yes i won't go into detail what is it but you get what i mean. Most of us say only estimated 30% of housing project similar unit designs townhouses is optimum to stay with their positionings. Every house has a unique way of positioning themself to minimize sunlight exposure by allocating the bigger windows to the north south directions and ensuring the area of surface heat absorption to be minimized, and the final solution? SunShading. That's how it matters. That's why in Architecture we say, the houses in one place is only suitable for then, not other places. Some has sharp roofs, some have thick walls, some don't have windows, it's all designed to be at its best in its environment. 

One problem i was trying to address is, the current market is such a way most building do not have sunshading devices but just fix glass, unlike the adjustable glass louvers we have it during the 1980s. I find it very disturbing everytime i pass by the new USM building, i will think " wow i will definitely feel much more hotter inside than outside, WITHOUT the airconditioning" so people, AirConditioning is not an option, passive designing such as SunShading is more than you could think of, rather than a piece of thing hanging outside your window frame.  

In Architecture, we call ourselves the artist of buildings, you have no idea how much one sunshading can do in terms of designing as well =) 

yes sorry for the short 30minutes post, because i love to 'vomit' all i know today out because rarely what i know in my mind stays after an hour, because new things just come in over and over again, they call me the thinker =)

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