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Thursday, January 6, 2011

[6/1/2010] Your Definition of Happiness

YES! 390th Blogpost! time flies! blog flies!

The Greatest Rat Race in life, is not about Money, neither love, neither satisfaction, just one main key, HAPPINESS. We are all on the stage of life, searching for own corners and freedom. Aren't you afraid? If you could not find your perfect corner, if you could not search the freedom, If you could not even really find what is your HAPPINESS in life, If you could not even find the purpose of your life to find the freedom within yourself. 

Rom 14:22 The faith which you have, have it to yourself before God. Happy is the man who is not judged by that to which he gives approval.

Partially a feed from my photography blog www.inspiringindications.blogspot.com I miss my hammie!! don't know how is he doing back in KL. Yes i am on the blogging streak again to 'meluahkan' perasaan. LOL. 

Recently find my expectation for this sem realized =D woohoo! thanks to the recent 2 weeks of classes now i realize i have awesome 3 site visits for different 3 subjects. 

  1. Building Construction requires me to go site and observe construction process for 8 weeks, each week once >< then compile a report. 
  2. Next,  Housing studies require us to pick our location and do a survey on housing survey with the residents, 2 trips will do i  guess. 
  3. Then Building Services.. need to go any desired buildings to study the services of building and come out with a report. AirConditioning.. elevators.. piping. ventilation etc. 
  4. AND the best of all, the busyness of all these have yet to include STUDIO WORKS. 2 projects comprise of 50/50 marks. ouch!
And yes these are just studies.. have not yet to + PKA + AIESEC + Personal stuffs =D thanks to the new wife, i am  getting used to utilize the applications for faster adaptation of time. Thank God for USM Wifi! 

yes perhaps what i mean by expectation met is a heavier time in studies? More things to busy at? It's the second semester of AIESEC term already.. looking through new applications opening here and there.. and then with other plans like MPP. we will see how things work then =) a lot of fruitful brainstorming recently. about future plans with others. haha. People could think that i have no plans for experience in Architecture Career. well, i am working my ways through PAM and GBI, trying hard.

Yes, that's my pursuit of Happiness. When you can see other people smiling too because inspirations and motivation is in the realm of happiness! 

p/s and yes another random out of excitement post! wanna post something more insight soon la =) search current issue* haha.

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