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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[5/1/2011] Welcoming the 6th wife of mine =P

Yes, some of you will go.. what!? haha perhaps i have already branded my 'wives' in such a wrong way. Mind you this is where GeneHarn goes a little sarcastically lame -.-"   Before this, they were =) My Hammie!! Then, My Mayo!! Then, My DSLR, then, My Laptop, Then, My Bicycle.. then.. now..? 

Yea, sweet. Ipod Touch, 32Gb. Many of you might go, what laa you rich meh... even i will be very curious of my mom's reaction when she knows me buying.. but infact i told her long before but perhaps i might sound joking. I took months to observe actually. When the 4th generation was announced, and tested around etc, knew that i would really utilize it. Infact, i always tell myself that there is never once i do not utilize my things. Ask anyone who sees me around with my gadgets. I don't put them in their box.

I'm not rich, even though yes i was in Shanghai doing student exchange and God knows how much money i have been spending these few years. But i can assure myself that if investment pays back a good ROI of knowledge and time. Why not? Once there is a chinese proverb who says "Nothing can buy time" well true, but with technology now encouraging more instant management and exchange of knowledge. Here comes Ipod Touch, only if you know how to utilize it.

Personally want to thanks JinYin =) your insight working in Switch has helped me lotz =P Currently 32Gb on the market is RM1097. But i added on another year warranty and etcetc.. and yes i am having fun figuring ways out of utilizing management tools via apps. If you know me well enough, i am a dude who brings my 3.2kg 14inch laptop everywhere i go to update my GCalender and also working files. That's why i needed a wifi mobile, and Ipod touch certainly offer more than enough, considering the price. YES I'M A WIFIED PERSON. Tweetdeck, Gmails, FB, Blogs.. you know me then you know la! 

Owh ya.. and can SKYPE now too =D the new 4th generation has dual sides camera.

Some of you said why not buying Iphone. very simple ma, iphone takes up more battery lor.. and i want Ipod touch to be the management Entertainment tool ma.. if got messaging and contacts in Ipod Touch, a little messy for me. and considering the price.. and overbranding... 

So yea, there you go. 7.2mm. So fragile look without the casing. Always wonder how apple squeeze in all the awesome thing into one. I just had one wish, a better camera with autofocus so can take better lecture notes =S 

Well but anyways, welcome my 6th wife, excited to integrate you with other wives to make my life more interesting. OK THAT SOUNDS SO WRONG -.-" 

Well its another awesome day =) 
Bump into some USM publishing department photographers and grab a few of us, students to take campus shots. Mainly will be used for next year intake materials =D And my bike certainly helps a lot there! haha.

p/s the 2 pictures above from my Nikon D5000, the 3rd from Ipod Touch.. well how i hope Touch has the same quality =P 

Going to PKA presession now! new semester new plannings! 

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