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Sunday, January 2, 2011

[3/1/2010] How to be an Attractive Person - 1

Yeap i am starting this series called How to be an Attractive Person. Thought my blog could have some "programs" LOL. plus i am quite a thinker and i notice quotes could come out of nowhere, perhaps it's the twist of blend of my thinking and experience.

Owh no Wait! don't get me wrong, i'm not telling people how to be an Attractive, but because

*Taken in Jazzband2010.

You are Attractive when you are who you are =)
I will leave the digestion to you *Normally i can write up to pages just for one quote -.-"
But yea someone would hear more so i will "bla" what is it possible to expand in my thoughts. Sounds like answering essay question pulak*

Yes you are attractive when you are who you are. There is this ultimate instinct when you just know he/she is who he/she all about. By the words that you speak, the way you act, and your personalities aligning with your values most importantly. Being who you truly are is a very vague statement actually. This is pretty broa
d when you think that who you are, this topic, could breakdown to many more such as your insights towards the word, life. Sayings such as, you are what you say, you are what you do, etcetc.

Being who you are means knowing who you are. Right In other means, let's twist around, you are not attractive when you don't know who you are. And please i am not talking about 101 ways to be attractive by physical look. There was once a coursemate who actually came out randomly and stated his respect for me just because he says " I admire the way you can be the way you are" there are several meanings and impressions that can lie within the sentence.

There is another twist around this quote. If you know to be who you are, then you know that you don't do it in order to hit the catch of what i just said, that is to be attractive. Being attractive is not the reason to be who you are, that's quite to the point that you can't. I am not saying that when you are being the way you are, you have to tell the whole world that you are and expecting people to be attracted to you -.-" This has a lot to deal with 1st, 2nd and 3rd person point in view. Ok sorry for the jump points but all i could sum up is, just be who you are la. It's not hard, it's not about being attractive. Because being you is knowing your world and knowing you. To me, hey, that's quite attractive.

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