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Saturday, January 29, 2011

[30/1/2011] YUVA meet 2011.Expectation Setting

Yea it's always good to have expectations setting. Another thing you will always remember in life in everything you do, Thanks to AIESEC. I somehow indulge into this quote i set myself . "You Don't walk, you Run ;Even though if you fall; you Jump, You can plan well, but set your benchmarks and goals, and ready to fly. take off like never before."


Yes, flying off soon. 6 months ago i was in Shanghai. 3500km to the east of KLIA, later i am heading to New Delhi, 3500km around there too. People say, waaa so rich ar going to India for Backpacking.. yes i spent 200 bucks on my first 55liters backpack. I don't expect to roll my luggage around India with the conditions there. And no i am not going to backpack after all, I am attending YUVA Meet 2011. Thanks to HEP i got sponsored, and trust me it takes efforts to find sponsorship and don't expect just because you are representing USM name going abroad the money will just fly down like this! I contributed much to the University i believe.

What Meet Again? 
So it's YUVA Meet 2011. Theme on Road to Global Sustainability via Local Initiatives. It's a simple 2 days conference and the 3rd day will be a sharing and presentation session among the international delegates. TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute is partnership with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India to have Youth Unite for Voluntary Action on Climate Change for the past 2 years. Wonder how come i didn't know then.. The themes for first two meets were "Science of Climate Change" and "Understanding Climate Change through Social Glass"

This Meet will be having a day prior to TERI's annual international Summit, Delhi Sustainable Development Summit to ensure there is youth to represent the voice of the future generation. Over 150 students over from India and more than 14 international delegates will be joining. I am not surprise at the scale of this conference with their partners, British Council India, Department of environment, Government of NCT Delhi, Dell Global GGiving, Department of Youths Affairs, Government of India, and i think the best is UNU-IAS. United Nations University. Where RCE (Regional Center of Expertise) is a branch of them and i am representing RCE Penang aka Malaysia. 

I think i really LOVE the plenary sessions. Though i was expecting more intense forum style (like the one i had in Shanghai) and able to exchange ideas a lot, but this Meet focus much on talks and i believe there are so much to absorb with the speakers presenting soon. 

Now that's Day 1, While for Day 2, more Serious Talks, More Exciting, More networking =D 


My Expectations? Simply straight, learning a lot of things. Though as much as i think i have learnt much things from personal initiatives, i believe even minor, small insignificant things in other regions such as India can be a huge thing in Malaysia. And my ultimate objective is to exchange views and ideas so about how to improve USM for this concern. Expectations. Well =) We Shall see. Done Packing with my backpack! 

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