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Friday, January 28, 2011

[29/1/2011] Picture Stories #1

Yea i don't really know what to give it as a title, perhaps thanks to my Ipod when random pictures are more available now rather than my heavy duty DSLR requires a lot of resizing and transferring. So yea, Picture Stories! Those pictures are actually from Instagram. Kinda like a lomo application for Apple users and creating a community of sharing pictures, the simple way.

I am currently in the Airport actually, waiting to fly back KL and have a nice one day before heading on to India, New Delhi for conference. Didn't have a night of sleep again, felt nice to help Wilson with the Matching Mania photoshopping. And had really an awesome Friday to have my studio design approved with some nice sayings from the lecturers and some good GREEN chat with some lecturer by random, that so agrees to know more about YES. Well, that's a too brief one. So picture one?

Pens pens pens! Yes you definitely need tonnes of those when in Archi. I mean, when you say pencil, we are saying about different types of pencil from 12H to 12B. And Markers are define with many tip points. Kinda spent a lot for the markers above, one cost 8 bucks. And yea this is just the.. 50% of the pen session, still got a lot of other colour and tips and accesories =D ArchiLife! i have a toolbox btw to fit all these. haha.

 Guess what i bought just now afternoon? I was in Georgetown. Wandering around. And yes Georgetown has a lot of professional bicycle shops. I bought these 3 for 150 bucks. Now you ask me, what on earth to spend on those? Yea i need it, not want it. Spotlights for front, and taillights, and pedometer. Able to show your cycling distance and timer etc. Anyone in USM will know me as someone who cycles as everyday, so i dont see why not to invest into it. (though i hope i can get a 24 speed Racing Bike ><" )

And yea lastly... this is the lomo collections i bought from Shanghai. I kinda post this up last time in facebook, asking IF there is anyone who wants to join me to produce something like this for Penang. I believe we can penetrate the tourism market product if we have a nice  set of lomos capturing the heritage feel of Penang. This box you see is just for Paris alone. It's simply, clean, and even with stickers so in case you want to play it as cards. It's simple, just a group of photographer with passion to develop photos, then find a company able to sponsor us to do a trial market on this, then have our own PR and sales, and finally, approach tourism penang to sell it in a bulk? well say too far, but i don't see why not. See i'm just a guy with too many to do list but no time right now for this =S 

Gah! And i want to write a book before finishing University about HowStuffWorks Malaysian version. Well if you don't know what's that. then google it. I PROMISE no regrets on watching that 20minutes clip. blows your mind off what world we are living in today.

God is awesome. This week is Happy. I hope next week too when i meet a lot of different people and spending my CNY in the land of indians. LOL. Sorry towards my family =/

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