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Monday, January 24, 2011

[25/1/2011] No Right No Wrong.

It's heard before, life is grey, no black no white. 
Let it be facts or not, yes i agree with that. No right No wrong. 
CellGroup was awesome =) We are talking about Matthew Chapter 5 and went through the different laws and like meaning teaching of Jesus. I am glad that the discussion was good =) Went to a lot of current real life examples. I think many of these examples ran through my my mind before and not to mention again, i blog them, i think i have over thousand blog posts over my last 5 personal blogs. LOL.

So there is no right or wrong in Attitude. In some ways i relate maturity with the ability to comprehend different people and different situation. I define it as the ability to understand. Understanding everyone is a strong word. In moral we learn that this or that is right or wrong. I think it kinda screw us all. We learn what values are good, but we didn't really say the assumption of wrong values are really wrong after all.

Selfish. Ego. and a few others. I think these attitudes somehow are important to ensure someone survive too. True enough, its very obvious that different attitudes are positive in different situations. And most of us are such narrow perspective to sum up to judge someone's attitude good or bad just like this, but little we know that we are brought up according to our own family background and factors. If we are understanding enough to understand why certain people react so and so, the world definitely will be much better without the assumption and accusing people doing wrong things. Ego really keeps people alive sometimes. It did well for me. And you must know when you need to be selfish or not. Well. What would Jesus do?

Talking about Growth, besides attitude, i think this is my greatest inspiration =) 
My hamster.. i think currently 19 months old..
This is during his 3rd Month.

When he is still using small ball =)

 Then when he is 14 months old.. 

 and well recently.. let's just say he is more lonely and love the be quiet.. -.-"
Well, Growth. Is the indicator of life =) 

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