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Saturday, January 22, 2011

[23/1/2010] Youth In Malaysia. What type of Youth exactly?

Yea, first of  all, it's very direct, we can't judge youth in Malaysia as a whole what type of youth we are. But here i want to blog about it, mainly noticing there is a rapid paradigm shift in Youths, specifically in Malaysia. What happened this weekend has somehow made me thought of it. Friday was having Youth Fund by 1MDB launching by our dear Prime Minister, was there to observe. Then just now AIESEC  Malaysia had elections for the new MC Vice presidents. What caught me is AIESEC UTP LC President said "As a perspective of Foreign student, i see Globalization does no good to most of the youth in Malaysia". Now, he hit that point hard. 

So it was the Prime Minister who launched a 20 Mil fund for youth development. Well being there with i think more than 300 people from different Youth development NGOs and most importantly, youths from different NGOs coming together, a lot of good questions were thrown"

I think going to such events are another wonderful chapter where you really see inspiring youths arising from here and there. So few questions like "How do we ensure who gets the funds?" "This 20Mil is going to be gone in 1 month anyways, what is the return profit?" "Are we referring youth as a whole? how about youths in the orang asli, in the East?" "Some youths have very great ideas but need guidance in executing them"

I think personally my question is.
These funds ( I don't care what go where or whatever) (Neither i care whether elections is coming BN youthLab is resulting with this money) Is this fund going to Youth Activities, or Youth Development Activities. It's a great difference. Youth should be train not to wait for money to fall like this, but how projects from youths can sustain themselves by profit generated? If 20 million is so, don't tell me next year there will be another 20 mil again? 

So yea but i must admit that day was a great day looking at different youths coming together, many being CEOs at the age of 16, founders of this and that, all with their projects with their passions. so many organizations were there as well, Met quite many from SIFE. But really again, how many of this type of people outside there?

It's not really because of who we are sometimes. I know there are thousands outside there just like us in the hall. They are all just not being linked in the dots. They are out of the internet range. Many who has great passion and talents but they are not even equip with Internet to leverage that point. Many i have seen and gave up.

I think Youths in Malaysia, in general, we are doing well. We are really up as a generation who is concern for various issues. However, there is a huge gap, huge distribution of where we are and what we are doing. Let it be geographical factor, politics or even infrastructure, but what i know is, in long term, we can't on with just a group of youths moving forward, though we have a good benchmark here already with these group of awesome young people, I think we are yet to able to really say that in Malaysia we already have achieved youth involvement in country building, i think we are still far from it. But we can.

I said there was a huge gap. I hit that right. Thanks to Globalization. Thanks to survey saying we, as youth of Malaysia in average spent 8 hours on facebook a day, and being in the top 10 countries active in that field. Thanks to the many more urban kids are getting into internet and sticking to it whole day, while others hoping to get one to find necessary informations. The issue is here, Globalization in General is not doing good to our youngsters here in Malaysia.

We, the youths in Malaysia are slowly losing our identity.

Be it whether you are passionate about something or not, we are all really not catching the meaning of being youths to represent Malaysia. We can talk so much about California or Japan while not even a thing about Sabah for example. We are all, well connected to the world that persuasive branding via social media has done very successfully to "buy" the youths to say yes yes and yes. We are all very capable now, in knowing the world and getting overloaded with unnecessary information. Virtual branding has made it totally possible for one to generate an impression and make it a fact at that instant. 

It's a disease. It's happening quick. It needs attention. It is a silent bomb? If you are looking from a foreign third party aspect, one will see this distinctively, or rather i will say, ask parents, there are the generation before us. We are in the age in Social Media, youth today are brought up with Internet. This is rapidly happening in Urban Kids. Look at the art of communicating today, you will realize discrimination happens even more in real life while some say virtual communication can eliminates it. Where is the happy world i am dreaming of? Where everyone will just smile and greet anyone on the street with a simply motivation word? Where is the society i am looking for where youths are doing the role they suppose? What are our expectations for youth in Malaysia? Well, we can blame on the Education we have, or even blame globalization is happening, but what i know is, we have few, but not many, awesome youths doing awesome things. And i know the few of us, are going to make things happen.

there are 3 types of People, "People who make things happen, People who follow what happened, People who wonder what happened." We are all on the stage of lives. Youths in Malaysia. Time to rise and shine, stop whining over the little things of what the government can do while you are not even thinking of that the people is the government. Stop sitting infront of the laptop misusing Facebook and blogging over emo things and gossipings (Yes i am sure i am using them constructively). We have many hopes. It's up to you whether to live it up or not. 

We need to know our identity as Malaysian Youths. 
We are not just bunch of young people, 
we have a brand to shine to the world about who we are.

Well anyways i am glad to be already part of the awesome Organization called AIESEC that has a vision for youths in the whole world =) 

We CAN. The YOUTHs in Malaysia CAN. YOU CAN.

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