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Saturday, January 1, 2011

[2/1/2011] Personality Branding is a type of Motivation.

Yes it's 2011. and i am all hype out as many social engagement came in lately because of new year i guess. People start sharing here and there, get to talk heart to heart and all. I guess i will rate today as a fruitful day too, get to have a personal talk with few people about the way i brand myself and also an awesome SNL church service to start off 2011! =) 

Well i will copy paste to say that, "most often people find me childish at first sight, it's ok, i find it better to have a better 2nd impression to correct the 1st impression to give it a bonus shot." Yes many people can judge me childish at first sight, i don't mean to stand against my personality, but wait till you know me and what i know then =) I may not know many things, but one thing, my passion, and that means a lot to anyone, everyone.

Bought this in Genting by the way, one for me, one for her. And yess? since when the "her" came in. Naa well just buying for someone which i think this helps her a lot =) May we grow spiritually strong together. 
On top it  says..

"Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in Heaven. Give us to do your aily bread. Forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not in temptation but deliver us from evil. For the Kingdom, the power and the Glory are yours now and Forever. AMen. Matthew 6:9-16

And yes i will read this every morning when i am awake or going to class, very good reminder as it will be on my wrist everyday =) Amen.

Following on the recent Newsfeed has flooded Facebook. Many people has been posting this instruction asking people to send message to their inbox stating any number from 1 to 5000 and then he will post up a status of what he thinks of the person, and the best part only 2 of them will know. So there you go... 3528. my number for the nights. haha.

Hmmm just posting this up so next time also can still refer back =) So you might have been wondering, what i mean by Personality branding is a type of Motivation? Well it's funny/inspiring/motivating to see one could compliment you for the things that you have always been doing, and you feel finally, arr i am on the right track. I would never want to over emphasize personality branding here but it simply means, you know what you want, who you are and where you are heading. and that's when you start to brand yourself on the stage. And with all these comments =) Well i am glad that i am on the right track. Passionate. That's the word i wanna listen..

But actually expected people to post not so good things about me =P hahaa. 
So what say you? =)

Feel free to comment too! it's New Year! New acceptance! 

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