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Thursday, January 20, 2011

[21/1/2011] Let's talk: Technology benefiting Human Beings.

One Reason why i love Penang. You don't see one big gateway signalling you welcome to Penang, this is like the best view ever. Hello, welcome to over the seas, Penang. LOL. YES I am back Home! 

And skipping the Friday Studio Class with reasons of Course. First time took 5 star bus, 45 bucks. Highly recommended instead of Aeroline. Came back for 1MDF Program to observe the Prime Minister and the other 39 youths together to launch the Youth Fund and also AIESEC MC Election at Taylors this Saturday. Well upon reaching One Utama. Then i was thinking back to my english class. I really love my LSP404 this semester, it's an english class where will more focus towards your course usage and thank God my Lecturer loves to talk about Sustainability in Architecture planning etc.. 

Now then here comes a question "Do you think Science and Technology benefit Human Beings" Yes, i am also surprise that i will be answering one of the most (perhaps) Offensive answer. I said " Pathetically, i think Science and Technology is not leading Human Beings to anywhere better with the perfections Human Beings wants to archive, which i think it's the same as Money, you wouldn't reach a stage where you say it's done, we are perfect" 

I was watching this movie just now "We Feed The World" If you are trying to change Mother Nature's precision with technology, you are dealing with someone who has been here for million years before you do" It was a film where small fisher boats are experts in understanding the nature's precision and hence harvesting good fish, however, industrialized fisheries came in, EU came in to ask these small fisherman about their datas, and they use so called computers to track them.. expecting to harvest more fish from the sea. 

What i answer also drove my off the thought, how possibly can i answer such? Throughout our years we have been educated to see Science and Technology human lives. True, it's good. But i think right now, even when we are improving, our general happiness level isn't there anymore. People are after things, they work so hard, they buy the stuff they love, but they forgot about social interactions. I am not saying just friends and all. If you  could see the culture of interaction before all Technologies came into play, then you will know we are in deep trouble. Anyone from the 19th century can tell you that they have observed a huge change in social system. People talk to anyone on the street, and be friendly, because there is no boundaries. Now what? You wear nice or not, you use Iphone or not, here comes all the so called discrimination because of technology. 

Believe Me that how far technology brings us to improve human beings lives or not, even we ourselves are not capable of handling technologies, we wouldn't reach the point when we say, arr we are done =)  Yes we have improved a lot, by medical we can cure a lot and fight the death hunter, but on the other side, all other kinds of pandemics arise because of Technology. We are all very comfortable with Technologies, because we are born in the century of technology. It's because of Technology that sparks off industrial revolution, increasing population size shockingly over the last 65 billion years, and now Earth is overweighted. 

Yes you can say i am being nuts here while i am using a technology based laptop. But i really wish somehow human kind will turn back to stone age. Let there be no Satellites, no globalization, but a nice barter system that will draw people closer and not discriminated by Money nor other many factors we find today in the community (which we don't find it last time) 

Technology is a heavy word. It's already the thing that sets discrimination to Millions. Internet is one of them, there is a great difference now between people who knows more because of Internet comparing to those who don't. That's already part of the discrimination. It is VERY worried, about how Technology and Human Beings are going to play each other for the next centuries, if you watch Sorrugates, that's how Technology play us, we say we know them so well, true enough is that, we don't even know of what we are better to be limited at. 

p/s This post is not because i am a concern Green Activist thus i write this, If you have seen anyone who observe the evolution of Human Beings, then you are well aware that we are all in deep Troubles while many of us can still stay wonder. Read James Martin. Mega Problems of 21st Century.

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