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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[19/1/2010] Saying Y.E.S to the Extra Mile

Hi World =) Yes after midnight post =) Perhaps its the time when i do postmortem for the day usually? haha. Yea wanted to blog about my precedence study for the new library in USM but guess my butterfly is telling me about something i feel like saying out =) Well yea, i don't really think twice about what i write in my blog at some perspectives, so don't think i may be a two faced person.

After 18 Months into Photography, majoring in many event photography in USM and public events or personal portfolio, i am still yet to really know if i can be called as a photographer. Well anyways! 

I'm actually blogging this out of excitement. I don't know how to phrase my feelings into the right words or frequency at most of the time, blame my weak vocabulary and imagination to play around with the words. Anyways just now Youth Energy Squad was having Movie Education. 

 Yes you got it. It might sound very at the base line. Educate people with Movie? I am saying YES to the extra mile, or as well as saying Y.E.S to the extra mile, these title along stand 2 meanings at juxtapositions. Many know that YES is my passion, well no doubt it is, people would not really volunteer to spark off a project based on issues just in a night. There were quite some stuffs between me and Youth Energy Squad. About how everything happened and where it is now and all. I am writing this perhaps it's after our first batch of Interns came in, then i could really see the building up in Impact. Some could say MIRACLE born YES. I agree, the whole thing started off when i was in MYC conference 2008 and this was exactly the idea i propose, the main thing is environmental issues are not rare nowadays, and i think if you want to effectively create impact, you have to do a focus in it, I choose Energy, out of the 8 sub issues of Environment. and slowly as stuffs goes by, i modified the context to the current plans.

I know i still have months before ending my term. You might say, "still got so long why are you looking forward on where you are ending your term?" My answer is, i wish i can extend my Project Director position, everything just seems to begin as of now, so many things i want to do, i could only wish that the future project director could understand my vision and passion why i started YES. But yea, time to move on to something Greater. YES is certainly more than a PBOX Project based on Exchange. I agree that its important for YES to sustain in AIESEC in terms of its KPI. However, with the allowance of the new structure beginning next term, we can really realize a lot of new ideas are taking into place with the benefits that the environment of Penang is helping us. 

Some other Organization might be skeptical on AIESEC projects on creating impacts besides Workshops and awareness baselines. My answer is very direct, we need to work on 2 ways. Both Awareness and Execution on Policy changes. I agree on some organizations are doing awesome things on having a platform that has the network to induce and activate such changes. But if you could think that PBOX sustain itself by having exchanges generated and just that, then let me prove you wrong with Youth Energy Squad. 

I'm sayin to the Extra Mile that you wouldn't see YES as just being a PBOX but really a platform for Penang Youths to engage with each other to make a change along the state government's vision. I told the Communications Team, have a vision to set youthenergysquadpenang.blogspot.com to be a virtual platform to join the great green penang race, flood it with news, generate visitors, set up forum, let's start brainstorm. In USM we started of GreenDrinks Corner, knowing that USM is generally active with many Green projects but not having a common platform to further boost the spirit up. 

I'm saying to the Extra Mile where hoping that the branding of YES does not lie in awareness but in its purpose itself. Youth Energy Squad, I really look forward for permanent schools contact, yes i look forward to have like seafield school being close to MYC, but i want to have a permanent link to set up a YES team there. We are saying of a project having controlling highschool green movements. As we have modules from our partner CETREE, which is actively designing energy module across Malaysia and best of all, under the Ministry of KETTHA. The next partnership i am proposing is with SERI, noticing that they are the important people to approach to really know how to be part of the changing process in Penang. 

I'm saying to the Extra Mile to see a stop at awareness conference. I suggested to our OCP PekLin that we should do a short 2-3 days Summit, NOT Conference. And the target audience? University Students in Penang. Where Awareness module is just at the very beginning and hoping this will be exactly like SMS Sustainable Mini Summit which we did it (but it was just inside USM then). IF there is a 2-3 days Summit to gather all the green projects people around Penang to come to exchange ideas and come to a higher platform to submit their pledges of all contributing to Greener penang. I don't find a reason you can say YES, as an AIESEC PBOX Project is not contributing towards a change. 

And i think the best of all being a PBOX, you are creating stories. As an Intern from DT Exchange in Shanghai last May, i knew how much i learnt, that's my story, it was successful, i came back with lots of experience, passion, to spark off a new project. Now even the NGO i was working with is tracking how is the progress in Malaysia =) I think the same goes to the Interns that has been in all our projects. You don't find the world's largest student Organization called AIESEC doing exchange just to visit other Countries and that's all right? We create Stories. I have mine

and i hope YES new 3 interns will have theirs too =) And most of all, To PekLin, JoEe, Sabrina and KayChin. Thanks for staying such long. You will never imagine how much i can wonder. Till now, even though the peak of success is yet to come, i can't imagine how all of these are happening. Having my initiated project to have my team, having my interns, under an Organization called AIESEC. I will rather be the Project Director for next term than any LCP or MCP. LOL =P And to TienHui, HuiYi and YunSeh, thanks for being in YES before this =) I hope you all will live on your passion too.

Yes, i have faith in everything i do.
My ultimate Aim for YES is really not all about the best project initiative in AMAN, but really, it's just all about how many stories we can create. It's not because i don't aim this project to be, it's because i feel if we are doing good in long term by other aspects and taking into even a little consideration of the KPIs of PBOX, i can prove to anyone outside there how YES is sustainable not only being as under AIESEC as a project, but how much it can impact Penang. Hard.

From the Project Director with Love. Gene-Harn. 
And my vision does not stop here. 

p/s One year ago, i can't imagine i am here right now. 

p/p/s If you are a viewer trying to judge YES by the impact of the activities we do, perhaps you have to start thinking how are you going to support the group of people who are working the same passion as you do. 

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