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Sunday, January 16, 2011

[17/1/2010] Penang Climate Change Forum 2010: From Cancun to Penang

Yea it's 2 am and i am suppose to start my Studio assignment, since when blogging has been a homework? well when it is out for passion i guess? So here comes Climate Change Forum post. Honestly i don't know how to break down the thoughts of the night into a post, partly because some things you just don't exactly know, and some you don't think the crowd will even try to understand. So it's another event that drew my curiosity, never regret for what i learn and who i met there =) Sacrificed my AIESEC LC elections just to come for this. 

So yea it's at KOMTAR. I was expecting more people actually, because i knew that there was a lot of email circulation going on, which surprises me actually. But the crowd number was decent, the hall dimension proportionally with the crowd is just at the right scale to generate some honest thoughts that night.

I think one thing that really caught my attention from few of the links i get is, "Global Commitment, Local Actions, Penang Leads" Each and every phrase of these 3 does elaborate a lot. I love the whole night itself, awesome scene, awesome people, and great flexibility of thoughts, and the agenda is carried out like how the theme is called itself, I did expect that we will be touching about COP16, but never really understand the depth of trying to understand it when some of the speakers are using Jagons which i never really expected of =) Yes it is exciting to know that there is a wide field in front of you waiting for you to know more. 

I wouldn't go in detail with few of the ppt slides i taken down for reference purpose but all the sum comes up to whether Kyoto protocol is going to sustain it's objective or not, Malaysia as a Developing Country we are doing our best at it, unlike some developed country who are not following their agreements to it. You will be expecting confusions, humankind simply most of the time just can't take money context out of benefits. In reality, realistic decision is one that has to do with good deals with money, sustainability itself defines economy as one of its three pillar. Al Gore once said that you can't weigh environmental sustainability in juxtaposition with the economy. They are all interrelated. We have our responsibilities, and Penang takes the lead. There are a lot of things and thoughts stirring here and there every second in the hall i believe. Though people often say good discussion is a good 2 way communication but this event i see most people are actually trying to imagining a lot of things of what the speakers were elaborating, and Thank God we have good questions in the house too. 

The Speakers Row, YB Phee Boon Poh (Penang Exco for Health, Welfare, Caring Society & Environment)  at the right, Hilary Chiew (Researcher of Third Network)

Below, Adrian Yeo from MYCJN on the right, Left we have Dr Gary (Deputy Environmental Management and Climate Change Division Secretary)

All i could think of now is that i am truly Glad of being in Penang as to observe all these things happening. All i know is the state Government is really doing things fast and we really require like minds to arise and join the effort of taking the responsibility. Most of us are still not clearly understanding the term responsible citizen while we can just write our complains to our government and forgotten that the government is the people itself. Youth are going to make the move, you can't imagine 50 years after this where you are going to be. There are many bottlenecks NGO are facing, one of them is Youth Manpower, it's not a simple statement saying they need manpower to help them to reach their vision, it's more like having responsible since young to build up their experience in dealing with this correct approach. Yes there is a need for youths to rise up, some could still stuck in their daily minor problems and whine whole day about it and not seeing the big picture. 

I wish i can know more about this too though. Abe said it right enough, no one would really understand what is happening in COP until you are there personally to see what's happening. I could imagine that. Well. This time in South Africa i heard... so perhaps i shall go? =) 

Below a collage example =) 

And yes to the support of Cleaner Greener Penang =) To start the Penang Renaissance. I support SERI =)

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