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Friday, January 14, 2011

[15/11/2010] Drifting through the Clouds.

Yes, drifting through the clouds. Random it was. I don't know how the title just came by. But all it matters right now i'm just stuck in the lecture room listening to a compulsory talk and missing out the awesome Extraordinary General meeting of LC USM =/ Well, to the 32 EB applicants of LC USM, i just wish i can be there to hear each one of you, your pouring confidence and the great changes you want to prove. It's been another fast year, one year after my last EGM, applied for LCVP Comm, and i still remember sharing in MyLDS that you must at least run for EB application because it's part of the experience. It really was.

I didn't regret. and now i'm proud enough to say that 32 is really really an impressive number for LC USM to have almost all it's juniors running for EB. One must know that the applications in AIESEC is merely not because only it's part of the experience to discover more about the organization, but also self discovery. Soon enough you will realize many things and skills we learn in this organization is greatly related to how we run our personal lives too, that's why we say we offer, personal development.

The team at MyLDS2010. UUM

I don't know who will read this, or even when he or she will read it. But what i am trying to say here is, despite who gets into the EB or not, it does not matter in one aspect, because all of you have gone through one of the greatest point in AIESEC experience. For those who didn't manage to get it, it's not a point to be looked down upon, it's part of the ups and downs. Quoted by Siew Ping " You will rebounce, just like a ball, even the higher you drop from, the higher you will rebound. " I think i have rebounce a lot too, i have a roller coaster ride in my AIESEC experience i guess. Ride that is worth riding. 

And as for Youth Energy Squad, Sabrina, JoEe, PekLin and KayChin. Personally i know as a Project Director i have been missing out some time of personal sharing with you all. I wish i could share many personal issues of mine with the team too =) Well perhaps the time and environment so far hasn't allowed it to be. I am actually very drifted and random when i want to share this post, guess actually when the election is going on, a lot of things are coming in and out of my mind. Well, perhaps more towards questioning myself where is my story heading to next =) 

Well and the team at MyLDS 2010. UTM

and yes, when i knew AIESEC 3 years ago, never ever i thought that i will be in this picture =)

And, yea i remember telling this once, and for all i guess, in AIESEC experience, never ever once in whatever you do you will regret. Because everything is just part of the process. 

p/s sorry if this post is not up to your motivation expectation. But i just hope the way i am in AIESEC will reflect well enough as one =)

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