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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[14/1/2010 How to be an Attractive Person - 2

Yeap, it's me again, hello blog =) feels so quiet for the past 3 days. It's not about i don't have things to write, just don't feel like writing, perhaps mind overloaded and now finally subdue to order it all out. Yes that's me in AIESEC booth. AIESEC Recruitment Drive!! Anyways so how to be an Attractive Person? Again i am writing this not because of saying i learnt how to be one. But simple events that lead me to think how you can know yourself better. Recently there were few juniors who pass by AIESEC booth, so i drained out my 30 minutes to share AIESEC Experience to them.. but to cut story short.
We were at the point of busyness. Remember the quote i once shared by John C Maxwell? 

"Effectiveness is doing the right things,  
Efficiency is doing things right" 

How to be an Attractive Person? Know What you want.
I think to hold upon this quote. you really need to know what's your goal in your life, then you can only know if you are doing the right things. Most of us can choose to do things the most efficient way, the fastest, Good. But most of us also fail in determining what are wants and what are needs, what are urgent and what are important. Hence, most of us just don't know what are the right things to do. 

Recently has a lot of decision making, complicated ones, one side very tempting because of other attractions, but even though with you knowing what you want, you just cannot let go the other side. Well perhaps the answer is you aren't really sure what you really want yet. So yea please people, really really know what you want in this life, go for it, set a branding of yourself approaching it, and conquer the field =) You will do well. And people respect you for that, but i don't mean to say you will be attractive la -.-" Owh well. so really, know what you want. It's an underrated sentence so please read it over and over again! 

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This week has been awesome, the more i share my AIESEC experience, the more i know that i have chosen the right path and i know it is what i want. Want to have a life exchanging experience? Once in a life time? Ask me how now! Curious about AIESEC? then just google it? or i am willing to spend another 30 minutes sharing it just with you!

Happy Friday people! 

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