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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[12/1/2010] What they say do matters too.

Hello World =) so here i am again, after another busy day, setting down and spilling in a few words and digesting the thoughts along with the floating routine aroma of coffee. and yes, someone asked me, "eh... you have been blogging constantly 1 day 1 post eh.. where's current ones? " Simply because ... i slept for 15 hours.. yesterday evening till this morning.. =)

Please trust me it's the most comfortable sleep ever throughout my whole USM life. Partly because i didn't sleep the night before with the constant 4 hours per day sleeping time before that. Hoping this cycle won't repeats again.. owh yea that cat was taken in Jetty =) I haven't really seen male cats memanjakan diri before.

And yes i somehow really take down a few minutes a day to write down what i observed. I mean, for most of you who knows me how i set a theme towards a frame. I don't wake up everyday and say hi world. A simple prayer and expectation setting will really make a difference. And i ended the day with a simple rating of today's fruitfulness and lessons to be learnt. Sounded like lecture class or complicated, but hey, Life is that interesting. 

In most of our optimistic conversations, we say, "Don't listen to them, you know what you are doing, you go for it, because that's who you are" That's one very concrete point of knowing yourself well. But there comes another time when you say, "Hey but what they say matters do too" As Encouragement, yes it really matters. I think partly today i felt it's fruitful and productive because i hear feedbacks, nice words =) Well i don't mean to promote my individual standings here but it's always nice when you blog/write down when someone could generate a good thought stirring within you.

So i was tweeting randomly...
Me: Tell me 7 steps how to be an Introvert
Person B: Get depressed. After that becoming Introverted is easy.
Me: But i think i am hard enough to be depress with all the rush and optimistic i have.
Person B: Um.. then there's no hope, you can pretend you're an introvert. But it never really works. 

When i say Extrovert or Introvert.. i don't mean over facebook or whatever, to me online communication such as Facebook are just purely assumptions on one action and shouldn't been seen real. I mean real life. I always have this temptation to talk to anyone when it's so quiet. It's like, life is just so interesting to know what's happening in the other person's life! People can be judging race by race, but God created only one race called Human Race. I would love to imagine a world where everyone can go anywhere and just say hi bye that kind to anyone. What on Earth are we facing now? And following up that, there is one that hit me too.

Person C said. "I love to follow some of your positive actions and yes, i feel great"
Part of the sugarcubes from MyLDS2010. I think what's really thoughtful for myself is here, I love to influence people, not because of leadership sake, but would love to see them being inspirations like how i could be in any possible ways. Sorry if i am not being inspiring Coughcough* but i am just trying to make this world better. It's nice to see someone saying what you want to hear actually. That's why it does matter. 

Person D said "I really admire your creativity in building up your ideas.Keep it Up, you are doing Good" I think i am more shock cause i don't expect this from person D. But i am more actually surprise that my actions have been creative to build up my ideas. I am not saying how true this is. But feedbacks are important at times to know how different and better people can perceive you as.

I think this is the most thinkable one for me. Person E said "You are everybody's people". I actually came to realize this can be quite true with the all types of people i mix around. Some may get confuse with my stand and priority and even call me buaya. I have tried telling some why about this? It's not like i am a guy who is super crazy networking, totally not. If i am going to start with my vision of life to inspire people, that's one step i want to do. And i felt that actually this is relevant to the goal i set 2 years ago. I trained myself to know 5 specific area knowledge well, Cooking, Sports, Politics, Music and Religions. Anyone on this world is able to tap into at least one of these 5 areas to start a conversation. So i choose to read more about it. Challenged myself to go bus stops and start knowing people, and aiming a heart to heart talk within 15 minutes. It worked, it stay, and we can be just acquaintance by now even though adding on facebook we able to catch up more. I think that's why part of it everybody's people. The art of communicating with people is very interesting. One who analyze would imagine the talk as if it is like a mind map =) You wouldn't run out of a topic. Curious? come talk to me. haha. And yes when she says i am an everybody's people, there is this thing happening soon =) 

Well, happenings are happenings. Today having a productive day also because of PM troubleshooting! Thanks to the handsome vice president Nicholas and my partner in crime Suzanne! Certainly many things coming up soon, let's just take time to see it happens! 

1st Avenue Penang! going to put this as my Building Services site study! =) The latest mall in Penang! 

So happenings for this coming week? 
I am just looking forward for Saturday. 4 awesome events clash in one day. 
  1. AIESEC LC USM Elections (Whole Day!) 
  2. Lolipop Glee by GreenLung (2 to 4) , 
  3. USM Interfaith Dialogue (2-5), 
  4. Climate Change Forum in KOMTAR! (Night). 

So yes i have chosen to go 3 and crash 3 different events. I will be staying in Elections till LCP VOC. then running to Interfaith and then KOMTAR. Reasons because i have my life's top and only  3 passionate things happening in one same day. Please understand laa all right =) to the parties who are concerned. haha. 

So yea its 4 am now. Still got some work stuff to do and then hit the bed. Be positive, always =)

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