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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

[8/12/2010] MIM-KAS CSR Dialogue @ Shangrila KL!

Yeap, it's another event =) Kinda spontaneous one i guess, thanks to Harish, the awesome dude i knew since 2 years ago and now CEO already. Invited me to some CSR Dialogue mainly about Green CSR, i think i am getting use to such settings, HR from various corporates and NGOs gathering, social networking and being one or the few university students to be there to listen. It's quite eye opening to see the real working life about and also some surprises =)

 Yeap, it's at Vistana Hotel, got a good serve of breakfast and lunch! MIM is basically Malaysia Institute of Management, they have short courses with specific management skills, i guess targeting HR networks to improve their performance. 

Yea Dato Sri Peter Chin suppose to come, the minister of Green Technology, Energy and water, however was represented by his assistant or so on. We had few speakers talking about Green CSR, defining CSR and its importance and relevance to the 21st century, also knowing the condition of German and what we can learn from there etc. Actually the whole event was short and sweet. 

I manage to post a question to the 5 presenters, relating to the previous question about how customer's knowledge about Going green is relevant about effective CSR, because there are a lot of Green Washing going on outside there and so many of us are drifted by the mainstream advertisement but not knowing what is black and white. So i asked, after identifying myself from USM and AIESEC and i said "What is the key factor that starts the education of the public, workshop and conference are just a sense of awareness?" one preferred answer is ownership. True enough, but it depends on the government or NGO to make the first move, penang is again a good example for the banning of plastic bag. Now it's up to us penangnites to make a move to embrace the ownership. There are a lot of brainstorming going on actually.

But i love it when i ask a question among 200+ corporates, young adults. Makes you just feel like "Hey this is what Generation Y says" And it's actually very encouraging to have the support of other young adults and coming to exchange namecard with you and say "hey let's do this together, let's keep in touch". For me it's definitely something i cherish because people recognize efforts of younger generation sort of? the same goes when i was in SERI for their talk. All these things =)

Yes nice lunch =) All free la =D 

Throughout the session was exchanging opinions with few people on the same table =) that's why i love free seating haha. I met this NGO called yayasan vijayaratnam foundation, also HR from OSRAM, and there is this NGO Khatulistiwa approached me, saying because they want to move their CSR programs to focus in penang and would love my help pulak. But well, all in all im here to look out for funding for YES! gah!

yea collage picture for view again! =) More pictures at facebook! 

And lastly, a nice quote =)

Three types also have their significant, so which one are you? =) 

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