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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[7/12/2010] Malacca Trip Review!

 Yes, i went to Malacca, the morning itself after i came back from Port Dickson after National Conference. At first place, was really urged to go back Matriculation College for a visit, somehow something tells me there are changes in Masjid Tanah to observe. But in the end, did not go back =) 

Yes the most familiar shot to represent Malacca. Woke up late that morning, rush to Bukit Jalil, hop on the bus (that's like the most spontaneous ride ever) Like saying nak pergi Malacca!! then without even through the counter and up to the bus! 13 bucks! Then Malacca Central at 2pm+ Then had Calvin fetched me =)

Yes it's glad to meet back the awesome floormate of my college life, and shirleen as well college mate =) Supposingly to have more people but most Medic friends and UM friends are on busy schedule now! We stayed at Discovery Cafe! Strongly recommend! Very Clean and Simple! 70bucks for 3 people a night with Air Conditioning!  

And there goes all the Eating of the various food =) I think the 2D1N just lies around the familiar spot, radius ranging from Jonker Street and Mahkota Parade. Easily walkable town! And of course very interesting Beca Decorations going on there! 

Yes the adrenaline for Food. After being in Penang for more than 1 year with all kinds of food there, finally got a taste of different flavors =) though we think we have tried it all, except nyonya food!! (which we were considering of staying a night to try that?) Gula Melaka with all the Cendols, Hainan Chicken Rice.. Satay Celup.. All kinds of Noodles... Food is considerable cheap too =) BTW i dislike Gula Melaka...!

Get a glance of the trip by the collage below =) For more pictures, Click here!  Thanks to Shirleen, has gotten advice which and where to eat!

The whole point of the visit was actually just to observe, though did not manage to go back College. If there is another trip to malacca, i will focus on studying their Heritage and History more and taking snapshots for some really good documentations, and that takes me to go alone and could spend time up to 3D2N for that. Don't get me wrong =) I'm a dude who loves travelling alone and could think so much because i observe the tiny details =) even how people react to a certain atmosphere. (which i can come out a post solely on my travelling philosophy) haha. 

Malacca is really great. Seriously. Even with 1 year of my college life in Masjid Tanah, 30minutes from the Town, i was only in the town for once. (MT is somewhere between KL and MalaccaTown). Though i am not a local who studies the growth of the town in terms of town planning after some time, but some simple observation of mine tells me that Security is tight i guess. And possibly racism exist with the tight job description being defined by race there. I really salute Police that are Malays who are taking care of Jonker Street, where mostly chinese are. Love them. 

Also visited Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade! love them! watched The Social Network! But what i have walked during this trip is just kind of main stream i guess, one thought of mine when i go travelling is that, i love going place to where tourist don't go and notice about real stuffs of the locals =) 

Well, but selling "copyrighted" facebook flip flops is not one of them? =D 

I want to go Ipoh soon too! and if i have covered Kota Bahru.. means i have done with the Peninsula! and God has so much to show me in the East of Malaysia! Sabah and Sarawak! truly united!

What's soon?
Tomorrow will head to Shangri La hotel for a CSR talk by the Minister! yipiee!
Green talk by PAM at their HQ on the 11th!
David Lai sharing by Live and Inspire on the 9th!
MyLDS Conference at UTM! 12-18!
Holiday arrrr!!

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