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Saturday, December 4, 2010

[5/12/2010] A Million thanks for FES NatCon 2010?

Editing this post to add on as i am in Malacca now for a personal visit to some Heritage trails Photography Documention*

Yes some of you asked about my facebook updates as well as Tweets question me about what is this huge gathering thingy in Port Dickson going on, i post up some pictures and some say is this a camping, or a game gathering with all the traffic lights? Nope, it's FES Fellowship of Evangelical Studies National Conference 2010.  A 5 years once, 6D5N Conference with over 60 campuses across nation, 490 young hearts, Sponsorship valueing over 100k, that themes on "Risk it, U Turn" It's 3am now and i am still updating this while i will be heading to Malacca later to visit my College to reminisce some old memories =) 

Yes time flies again, The GoodBye Moments.

Photos are all uploaded at Facebook

But truly enough i have a long list of things i would want thank you everyone! I really could write a book about NC itself because anyone who hears me in NC might get the impression that i am not someone good in filtering my words and just tempt to spill all my words without even a sense sometimes. Thus i just wanna do a ThanksGiving Post =) 

Lord Jesus Christ, for the many wonderful Miracles you have shown in National Conference 2010, and for the many unforgettable memories and, ups and downs of myself during the 6 days progress,

  1. Thank You Lord for Being there throughout the National Conference with hundreds of others.
  2. Thank you for blessing 34 PKAians from USM to attend this Conference
  3. Thank you for all the other 20+ workshops which help each of the delegate to explore their specific fields efficiently.
  4. Thank you for making this conference the awesome platform to key National Issues and constructive discussions.
  5. Thank you for all aspects of Conference Planning because certainly one of the most professionally done Conference i have ever seen!
  6. Thank you for bringing so many Brothers Sisters from East Malaysia that i may know them more personally and understand the more about their culture.
  7. Thank you for showing me that your work is always unique, everyone there is unique.
  8. Thank you for the perfect Agenda as i feel there is a balance of time and layout to emphasize importance on different aspects throughout the conference.
  9. Thank you for Bayu Beach Resort, able to cater our needs for the Conference.
  10. Thank you for the good Awesome Satisfying food during NC! =D
  11. Thank you for the good bonding & fellowship time between one another.
  12. Thank you for my Telugu Team members, where i hear wonderful testimonials.
  13. Thank you for Jee Leng =) that she may be my Motivation.
  14. Thank you for the awesome sweet, short and simple quiet time every morning.
  15. Thank you for the goodness games at the beach where i got tanned like what! =D
  16. Thank you for putting so many awesome people and testimonials in my life to know that your blessings is truly abundance!
  17. Thank you for giving me opportunity to share and impact others with your name too =)
  18. Thank you for FES's strong determination and faith to make NC 2010 a success.
  19. Thank you for the ups and downs i  faced in NC.
  20. Thank you for the sparking the hopes in every of these delegate so that there is hope for Malaysia =)

Yes, Drive responsibly please, know your vehicle well, know yourself well, i think i have =) How about you?

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