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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[29/12/2010] Twitter wars between Malaysia and Indonesia

It's all about the power of Social Media.

Yes definitely, one of the most scariest twitter moment of mine, by punching in "MALAYSIA" search into twitter search and see the refresh rate, that is 88 updates from it alone within 3 seconds. Can you imagine how fast is that? By having the world's 4th largest population to have twitter war against our national football team fans here.

yes you read that? it's scary. Of course i am not pointing all indonesians are bombarding twitter stating they hate malaysia. just because of a laser pointer blame in the recent match. They have 238 million population while we only have 27million, and start counting the number of tweet users they have =/ 

But hey, Malaysia has been popular now then i guess. not to the good extend. Few newsfeed have gone around the world just because it hits the number one Twitter Search and makes people curious why is it so, and all they will know it's just a laser scene in a football match -.-"  But like owh my goodness, so you blaming the loss of the match just because of a single laser that affects a goal there? 

So gonna watch the match again, this time in indonesia! =)

There is, no i mean, they ARE so many newsfeed of what's happening here. This is from THESTAR today. 

JAKARTA: Tensions remained high in the Indonesian capital as football fans awaited the much-anticipated Asean Federation Football (AFF) Suzuki Cup final second-leg match tonight.

Indonesian fans are upset with the Malaysians, alleging that laser light beams had been shone on the faces of the republic’s players to distract them in the first-leg match at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. Malaysia won that match 3-0.
The Jakarta Metropolitan Police are serious about keeping the peace and are deploying 10,000 policemen at the Bung Karno Stadium. Police have also banned sharp weapons and the use of lasers or firecrackers by spectators. Some 85,000 fans are expected at the match. READ MORE HERE

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